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General Discussion What was Survivor’s most disappointing season?


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General Discussion Who’s the most entertaining Survivor of all time?


Tony is obviously up there but I think the GOAT for entertainment will always be King George!!

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General Discussion Drop your Hottest of Hot Takes


Look man, the same shit is posted over and over and over again every single day on this damn subreddit. At least twice I day there's the "When are we going back to 39 days", "Tribal Council is Boring", "Season outside of Fiji when?" and so on and so forth day in and day out. Im sick of it.

I want yall to comment your opinions about Survivor that may start a third world War.

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General Discussion What strategies from past seasons won't work in Survivor today?


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General Discussion No way...


Jesse is def winning this season.... unless whoever wins the immunity idol go against him like Rick Devens style. Are we going to see it?

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General Discussion What is the most surprising single jury vote in Survivor history?


Whether it be a vote for a player that shouldn’t have received a vote like Will in World’s Apart, or a player who voted for an enemy or against a friend, what is the most surprising single jury vote ever?

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General Discussion Why is tribal council so boring now?


I can’t get over how long and meaningless tribal is. Not a single insightful comment is made at any point. Did Jeff stop asking pointed questions? I almost prefer the obnoxiousness of unsubtitled whispering to this.

I truly think that this is the primary reason that the season’s felt so dry.

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General Discussion Who’s the worst player to make it to the Final 2/3?


In other words, who’s the GOAT goat?

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General Discussion What are your favorite examples of someone roasting a finalist in their jury speech?


Absolutely one of my favorite moments of this is when at the FTC in Philippines, Penner goes up and gives his speech and when he addresses Skupin, he mentions that Skupin received no elimination votes all season, in spite of claiming of having a huge target and then says,

"You may find that you will continue to have a perfect record, even after tonight."

That is a burn. I mean, it wasn't really true because Carter voted for Skupin to win. But it is a major burn and I don't think it gets mentioned as much as it should.

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General Discussion Would you rather be remembered as a day 1 first boot, or zero-vote goat finalist?


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General Discussion An idol hasn’t been played (correctly) since WaW


Correct me if I am wrong, but there haven’t been any idols played in 41, 42, and so far in 43 that have canceled votes, and idoled someone out.

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General Discussion What do you think was the hardest individual day or 3 day period in Survivor history?


Whether wise, food wise, whatever, what do you think seems like the toughest 3 day period we've seen on Survivor?

Something that comes to mind is All stars where they didn't have clean water for days. Or Africa where they had to stay up to make sure lions didn't come into camp, and had to collect water before winning the giant water reward.

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General Discussion What is the first Survivor season you watched?


I've been watching since birth basically (I was born in 2000) and we have a home video of me as a baby perched up on the couch with my parents and Borneo was playing on the TV lol. The first season I could actually follow was season 16 - Micronesia. I was 7 or 8 years old. I remember I loved Amanda/Parvati/Cirie/Ozzy. Erik giving away his immunity also blew my young mind. I credit Micronesia as being the first season I watched since it's the first one where I actually could follow the storyline.

I'd like to know other peoples first season and if there were others who basically grew up with the show?? Its been a part of my life since before I can even remember.

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General Discussion In your opinion what are the dirtiest moves in Survivor history?


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General Discussion Which player’s game has aged well? Which has aged badly?


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General Discussion What are some of the most common misconceptions in the fanbase?


Not looking for popular opinions people disagree with like "Russell H. should have won", but things people say a lot that are factually wrong. It could be useful to have a compendium of them or something lol.

Two of the first ones I can think of offhand are:

  • Richard Hatch inventing strategy, inventing alliances, being the only one "playing the game" in the first season, etc. (not true; apparently Joel was trying to form alliances on Pagong and it wasn't shown, but even aside from that we literally see in the episode that Stacey tries to form a women's alliance in the first round of the game, and Sue and Kelly already had a connection from that)

  • Colton quitting One World (not true; nobody was saying this before BvW and the only thing supporting it is Probst saying it and he himself admits it isn't true at the reunion so there's literally nothing behind this -- and we see on-screen in One World that his heart rate skyrockets the instant the doctors even slightly graze his abdomen and, like, that's not something you can voluntarily do lol)

But I'm sure there are more.

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General Discussion Have any contestants ever regretted going on the show?


asking for a friend who may or may not want to audition but is worried about the post-show experience

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General Discussion I can't watch the show anymore


Sorry if this is a sentiment that's been shared before. I've been quite separated from the online Survivor community for a while so am not sure what's being talked about, but I needed to get this off my chest and see how everyone else is thinking about this season.

To start off, I love this show. I've been quite literally watching for my entire life, and it has been there through my hardest times to help and distract me when I needed it. I will alway love everything Survivor has done for me and the happiness it has brought. That being said, ever since Season 41, I've found the show to be a completely lifeless shell of its former self. Every episode feels exactly the same, and there is such little weight or emotion to each of the vote offs because it doesn't feel like anyone is given a unique personality anymore within the game. I'm not saying that the casting is bad, I think it's actually better than ever, but I think the show has done a terrible job at making their recent casts strong characters within the game. The problem could be the influx of pointless advantages, the shortened game, the revised three tribe format, or all of the above. The emphasis has been shifted towards each castaway's outside life and struggles, and that seems to have taken away from the interpersonal dynamics among the contestants themselves. It just feels like everyone is a robot with a built in weepy backstory, and the alliances are so fluid that it is hard to keep track of who is working with who and every single elimination feels exactly the same. I really thought I would never walk away from the show, but this season has felt particularly lifeless and I think I might call it quits if they don't make some drastic changes soon. Survivor has been in and out of dark ages before, but this one seems particularly unwatchable and dull to me.

I really am not trying to trash the show, I still love it and want it to improve, I just wanted to express how I was feeling to this community and see if people are thinking the same way. It just feels like the show we all love isn't there anymore. Hope that changes soon.

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General Discussion Who’s a player you dislike that the general survivor fan base tends to love?


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General Discussion How many contestants are more famous than Jeff Probst?


Was debating this with someone. We decided Lisa Welchel and probably Mike White now with White Lotus.

And maybe Jeff Kent.

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General Discussion Wildest Things Said on Survivor (that we don't talk about much)


Rewatching All Stars and Big Tom weighs in on Jenna Morasca leaving the game to be with her sick mother: "I told my family: If y'all got killed in a car wreck, don't call me. I'll be there after it's over." WHAT?!?

What are some other crazy things said on the show that aren't brought up a ton?

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General Discussion What would you say Jeff's meanest comment is


First thing that comes to my mind is Courtney and anorexia

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General Discussion Which season’s edit tells the most cohesive story?


Title. Which season tells the most complete story front to back with all loose ends tied up, solid side and main plots that reach satisfying conclusions? What season best exemplifies this?

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General Discussion Moment of silence for lost aspects of Survivor.

  1. No more 39 Days
  2. No more travel around the world to new locations. (Returning players have an edge coming back to familiar territory.)
  3. No more Ancient Voices theme
  4. No more “Wow this looks amazing” moment when you see tribal council the first time.
  5. No more live reunion shows.

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General Discussion I still miss 39 days


26 days just isn't the same. I miss people breaking down more mentally and for the bonds to be more intense. 26 days just promotes gamebot behavior. I know it isn't going to change, but god I wish it would.