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Survivor 43 Survivor 43 | Episode 12 | Player of the Week Voting


On Thursdays, /r/Survivor crowdsources a Player of the Week, based on what happened during that Wednesday’s new episode. Below you will find a list of all the contestants in the episode.

Upvote/downvote players you thought improved/hurt their odds this week.

Note that this thread is in contest mode for the first ~24 hours, so castaways may not appear in the order you expect.

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Survivor 43 Survivor 43 | Episode 12 | Day After Discussion & Survey


This thread is intended for in-depth discussion of the most recent episode. Low effort content, such as memes, jokes, or other such comments are discouraged here. Instead, we encourage people to post more detailed thoughts after reflecting on the episode.

Once again, we are having a survey after each episode. You can use the questions from the survey as the basis for discussion, or you can choose to talk about something else from the episode.

You can access the survey here.

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Social Media Ran into Gabler in Boise

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Survivor 43 Listening to Rob's exit interview is so devastating


Cody trusted Jesse so much. I'm about to cry over here. He was planning on giving his idol to Jesse at 5 to keep him safe, thinking that people wouldn't bother voting for him (Cody) because they knew he had an idol. This is such a JT and Stephen situation, with JT never thinking for a second of not taking Stephen to the end. Jesse did what Stephen didn't do, though, and if he makes it to the final 3, he's going to get rewarded for it.

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Survivor 43 ___ clarifies the idol situation

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Survivor 43 Something that I don't see is being mentioned about ______.



This is my first time I ever see a player consistently planning in advance and laying the groundwork on who will be the target for the next TC before the votes for the current TC happen.

  • At Noelle's vote, he laid the groundwork for Sami to get knocked out at the next TC by throwing him under the bus.
  • At Sami's vote, he laid the groundwork to make Karla and Cassy enemies for the next TC by not letting Karla in on the plan thus keeping her vote on Cass (Didn't work out because Sami said he will play his SITD, they still became enemies nonetheless)
  • At Cody's vote, even though he did the biggest play of the season, he still managed to lay the groundwork on who's the next target (Karla) by flushing her idol and establishing an alliance with Owen and Gabler.

Edit: more details.

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Survivor 43 _____ single-handedly took down ____


Jesse, Vesi

Jesse blindsided every single member of his entire starting tribe. That’s pretty nuts.

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Meme Editing mistake?


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Survivor 43 If ________ wins the editors need fired.


If cassidy wins then productions did a horrendous job developing her character. This is not a comment on Cassidy's game play, it's likely been fine if she's made it this far. Its also not a comment on her personality because we dont know her, we see what the editors show us for 40 minutes each week. In fiction, the writer makes compelling characters, but in reality shows, that responsibility falls on production. More specifically, the editors. There are a few major problems with how she's edited this season, if she is to be the winner.

1) They haven't shown her driving the votes. They've shown people target her and then get voted out and her on the right side of votes, but they haven't shown her deciding the vote. If this were a movie or book she would be a passive protagonist who has good things happen around them but isn't the source of the good things. It makes for a weak protagonist and would be bad wirting.

2) They haven't shown that she is liked or hated. If you want your audience to have an opinion about a character typically you want to show the audience that people have that opinion about them. It's a subconscious trick that makes the audience like or dislike a character more. I can give examples if needed but start paying attention and you'll see how often writers use this trick. So far we've heard almost nothing about how the cast feels about Cassidy. I truly don't know if they think she's strong, weak, cool, lame, etc. and that is a problem.

3) They clearly want us to like Cody and be sad when he was voted out. The build up, the sad music, and the shot of downtrodden faces reinforces what the editors want the audience to feel. But there's one shot mixed in there that doesn't match. That shot is a close up of Cassidy smirking (keep in mind these shots could be from any random time at TC). So at a time when they want us to feel sad they show us someone smirking. In a movie this would be done to make us think the character is smug, or make us dislike the character in general. It's a subconscious trick that directors will use to influence our brains with the visuals.

If Cassidy is going to win, they've edited her to be passive, forgettable, and smug. These aren't the qualities of a great protagonist or a good antagonist. So if she wins it'll make most people FEEL (not think) like she's a boring forgettable winner. So either the editors have done a poor job creating a good character or she's a lame person who played a lame game and somehow won....personally I would lean towards the former, and I doubt the latter is even possible.

If she doesn't win, then none of this really matters.

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Survivor 43 A huge part of ______'s move tonight was getting ______ to vote for _______


Jesse getting Karla to vote for Owen. Jesse convinced Karla that the vote was going on Owen, so when he played the idol for Owen, it made Karla extra paranoid that she was in trouble. If he had played it on himself, Karla may have thought that she was still safe and not played her own idol. Jesse did like 5 things correct with this blindside and this is an underrated part of it.

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Survivor 43 _ and _ are my favorite duo of all time


Jesse and Cody

Not only did they have great chemistry together, but they were steamrolling the game together and individually.

Even Cody's plan to blindside Karla was genius and it would've worked had they gone with the plan. You can't undermine Cody at all.

I really wanted both of them to make it to end to see the final showdown, but oh well.

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Meme Et tu, Brute?

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Survivor 43 HEAR ME OUT


He wins immunity necklace at 5. Gives it to someone else at tribal, everyone calls him stupid, they all vote for him. Votes are about be read, he uses his idol, everyone shocked, he becomes the GOAT in my book.

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Survivor 43 If _____ loses this season


Holy crap, Jesse is insane. That move was beautiful. He is definitely my favorite player this season, and for sure one of my top favorites of all time now.

I want him to win soooo bad and hope that with the edit we’ve seen thus far, he just might?

If he doesn’t though, it will probably be the first time since Rob C in the Amazon that I will be completely and utterly crushed at an elimination.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of strong players this season who have done super well. And I’m sure I would be content with any of them winning as opposed to say Jenna Morasca or Matthew Ertfelda lol.

But I do believe Jesse does deserve it the most right now and I would truly feel like he was robbed if he lost to fire or any other reason.

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Meme when one of your parents blindsides your other parent with divorce papers but they stay civil for your sake

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Survivor 43 I don’t know if I’ve ever been this conflicted on how to feel after an episode


I feel extremely sad and devastated that Cody got blindsided like that, and usually when my favorite player goes home i freak out that the season is officially ruined. Cody is probably my favorite player, maybe ever just for how pure and entertaining his personality was.

On the other hand, that move was fucking crazy and excites me for the pure fact that this is why i watch this fucking show and this is why i tune in every wednesday at 8.

Im heartbroken and amazed at the same time and I genuinely might need therapy after this one.

RIP Cody i am going to be so excited when you return for the next all-star season

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Survivor 43 (Spoiler) One of the best moments of the show

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Meme I love me some iced coffee, but I don’t know if I’d let myself get waterboarded for it

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Survivor 43 So are we all getting _____ tattoos?


Livin baby

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Survivor 43 EW Exit Interview with Survivor 43 Juror #6

Thumbnail ew.com

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Survivor 43 Is _____ playing an all time great Survivor game?


Week after week, I am consistently impressed by how well Jesse is playing. I think this is the week that truly showed he’s in the driver seat.

He has yet to be on the wrong side of a vote, he voted out his top ally with THEIR OWN IDOL, and he’s heading into final 5 with an idol that nobody knows about.

The Cody elimination was the big move he needed for the jury, and they were equally impressed as I was.

However this season ends, Jesse has certainly been a highlight. We’ll see if the other 4 recognize his threat level, or if he can survive his way to FTC.

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Survivor 43 Why survivor 43 is so good: This cast is all VERY good players


Only feel the need to put this out there bcuz I've seen lots of people saying this season has been underwhelming til now, or shitting on the players for letting Jesse steamroll and comparing him to Kim.

Overall this cast is one of the strongest we've seen in a long time and it's not really debatable imo. One of the big things I hated about 41/42 was constantly seeing players in a good spot ruin their position. This season hasnt been that. Most of the players made the moves they were supposed to make, and if they failed, it was due to good players beating them rather than their own doing. Almost every player has some big strengths to their games. First look at who's left

Jesse- About to be one of the best players ever by the end of it.

Cassidy- Great social UTR player, can win immunities, and has some skills in strategy. She could win any season she's on and I wouldn't be shocked.

Karla- She proves my point for the post. She's been down bad the last few episodes but we clearly see she's damn good at the game. She isn't making all these mistakes because she's bad, she's making them cuz so many players are jus playing hard enough to counter.

Owen- I can't really say he's very good due to his position, but I can say he's pretty good considering his position.

Gabler- One of the most unique games ever and still a contender imo. His "hiding in plain sight" strategy has been damn effective, and don't let Jesse's domination make you forget Gabler of all people was the one to plant that seed.

Now look at who's on the jury.

Cody- Amazing player all around, def wins if not for this move.

Sami- Not the best, but at least read his position well and was able to throw enough at the wall that it almost stuck.

Noelle- Dominant strategist, queen of finding new #1 allies, amazing social skills. One of the biggest threats of the season.

Ryan- Old school representation baby!!

James- Good godfather game, if not for the double tribal he potentially goes on and has an amazing game of his own, the path was definitely there and he saw it.

Jeanine- One of the most unlucky players ever imo, she's not great but certainly not terrible and was good at being able to pick herself back up and fight til the end.

You can make good arguments for most of the pre-jury group as well (dwight/elie/nneka, even Justine a bit had their moments)

TLDR: This cast is elite and the fact Jesse is pulling a kim on them is even crazier because these are really good players. Jesse is insane, but everyone has been good. Keep it up cast team!!

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Survivor 43 Lets cut the crap, if ______ wins, this is what we consider a great winner



After Maryanne and Erika's win, i was complacent and understood when people said they were good winners, but also understood people who felt on the fence.

After seeing Jesses game, its clear that this is what type of winner we need each season. I would say Jesse's winning game is 10x superior of both Maryanne and Erika.

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Survivor 43 Omg


In all my time watching survivor. That was the most brutal move I’ve seen for sure. I was actually emotional man fuck😭😭😭

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Survivor 43 I don’t want ____ to win, but I’m 100% they will



No hate at all to her, if you win you deserve it. The “under the radar & cut the front runner at the last minute strategy” works, but it’s just not compelling to watch.

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Survivor 43 Everyone on Survivor has watched Survivor before, why did they let _______ make that move knowing it would be game over for anyone else?


That move was pretty pro.

It has been a long time since a move has made me tear up and scream at the same time. With that said, I almost can’t believe the other players let Jesse do it.

Is it because they’re all thinking they will get him out next? Is it because a bold move is thrilling and they wanted to see it happen? Is it fear and being scared to make your own move?

The fact is, that was a game winning move, and if Jesse makes it to the final I don’t see him losing.

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Survivor 43 Why I think ___________ has a better shot to win than people are giving credit...



Like everyone else, I agree Jesse is the obvious top contender to win. However I came out of that last episode pretty high on Owen as the next most compelling winner arc and I'm surprised to see many claiming he has the worst shot out of the F5 to actually win.

The edit has been featuring him heavily. They've very much set up an underdog uberfan narrative for him (last thing left is for him to win), and they've consistently emphasized his positive relationships with the jury members. Yes, they've highlighted being left out of the vote, but in truth for jury members he was only ever totally on the outs with Noelle's blindside.

Jesse's secret idol all but guarantees he not only survives to F4 but that he controls F5. If Owen is even able to partially own this move, it will build his resume, and the clearest way is if he can win the immunity idol. I think taking out Cass is best for Jesse but also for Owen, so I'd guess that she goes at F5.

At F4 I think his best move is to pull a Chris Underwood by winning immunity, then challenging Jesse to fire and beating him.

That puts him in F3 with Karla and Gabler. He's seen as the king slayer for taking out Jesse, chose his own FTC, and he's won 4 immunities. Not a bad resume. He can really drag Karla's endgame: sure, she was dominant at the merge when it mattered less, but then she backstabbed her allies, lost control to Jesse, and was goated to the end by Owen. Gabler's biggest flaw is being too under the radar, and Owen was playing somewhat parallel to him as a "number" for much of the merge (although Owen was actually targeted and Gabler was never really in danger) and then having a dominant finish should give him an edge.

Looking at who is on the jury, we've been consistently reminded in the edit about how Owen's had all his top allies taken out and put on the jury. Jeanine and Noelle were close to and working with him and tilt in his favor. Ryan tbh seems like he'd 100% vote for the challenge beast/underdog story that Owen would have. Sami has certainly favored Karla so far, but will be disappointed in her end game and worked with Owen/Gabler and is a big tossup imo. Cass would also seem to favor Karla but maybe not anymore after this telenovela episode and her betrayal/dishonesty. Basically the same with James except I think he would NOT vote for Owen whereas Cass might. Jesse I think would lean Karla as she was his biggest rival who outlasted him in the end, but then again Owen would own his demise even more. Cody imo would lean Gabler as they seem closer and he might buy the AliGabler assassin narrative, but surely he would be open to Owen.

So, I guess I see that FTC as being 3- Owen, 3- Karla, 1- Gabler and 1 wildcard (Sami) going into it based mainly on who they all worked closest with. He'd only need to swing Sami and/or one of Cass/Jesse/Cody, and I think they're all plausible.