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Study of adults with ADHD links childhood clumsiness to a higher likelihood of being bullied Psychology



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u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22

I and almost every ADHD kid that I know (with few exceptions) were bullied for this and more. The disorder attracts very poor treatment from others.


u/MsEmptiness Oct 06 '22

Well go ahead and count me in this statistic shesh


u/Fifty-Cent-Words Oct 06 '22

I have adhd related adult clumsiness but managed to avoid bullying, thank goodness. I'm grateful that the only bullying I've ever had to deal with is the many times I've rolled my eyes, and sighed in exasperation, in response to my own clumsiness.


u/thegoodmanhascome Oct 08 '22

Same. I think it was because i was tall