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Article ‘The Woman King Tops’ The African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) List of the Ten Best Films of the Year 2022


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Discussion sell out to billionaires


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Destiny Destiny pulls Valkyrae's mods into the fight


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My 12-year-old's instructions for solving a Rubik's cube

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Meme If only the objective was to make it a healthy competitive queue

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Open Discussion After 45h: I quit playing BotW. Change my mind.


I took a lot of time thoroughly exploring several biotopes in the game, obtained gear and gathered many gems and ingredients, killed many Hinox and guardians, defeated Waterblight Ganon, etc. ... to suddenly find out that I was deeply bored by this game.

I won't mention the weapon breakage thing : although I consider this as a massive drawback to a Zelda game, I eventually chose to play the rules and respect the devs intention to push the player to explore. So I explored, gathered, defeated, solved, discovered, looked for korok seeds aso.

And it's kind of like: nothing happens. There's a huge map to explore, with similar ennemies and artifacts a little bit everywhere. Okay; is that it?

It's my second try to get used to the game's weak points in order to find the fun everyone seems to have with it. But I just never really reached that point. It just takes wayyy too much time to come to anything.

I never played any Zelda game since ALttP back in the days (yes I'm old haha). But I know what came in between from N64 upwards, and I just love the licence.

My point is that this game severely lacks mystery. It's deeply anchored in reality and modernity: cooking, weapon lifespan, realistic hostile natural world, sheikah slate = smartphone, motorbike, etc.

The irruption of realism, technology and open endings makes the game far less magical, and it just doesn't look like a fairy tale / heroic legend anymore. Which is a major inflexion in the Zelda license.

I am an absolute fan of the music. But I'm totally disappointed by the turn the Zelda license took.

Change my mind.

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Country Club Thread She's Free!!!

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Image The Smartest Family In Britain Today, Is A Nigerian Family.

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Discussion Waiting for Ulduar? Sick of Naxx25? Come raid Naxx40 on Era! (Era Status Update - it's alive and thriving!)


This post aims simply to give you all an update on the current state of WoW Era. My motivation for this is because we've recently seen a noticeable uptick in active players, and I want to keep the hype going. Additionally, many people don't even know about WoW Era, and those that want to know more often struggle to find any information about it. I saw a post on this Subreddit this week where someone was asking about "classic vanilla" (Era) only to read replies such as "almost everyone has moved on". This was ultimately the tipping point which led to the creation of this post. (u/BunchaMangos the answer to your original question is the Whitemane cluster, and it is absolutely worth it to start playing)

What is WoW Era?

Before I give you an update on the current state of Era, I just wanted to give a brief explanation of what Era is for those who aren't familiar. WoW Era is an official, persistent Vanilla environment hosted by Blizzard. You can find it in the Battle.net launcher's "Game Version" select drop-down under the "LIVE - CLASSIC" section - it's the one just called World of Warcraft Classic. Here are some quick facts about Era:

  • There is no "TBC" version of Era, it is only Vanilla and will only ever be Vanilla (stated by Blizzard)
  • All Era servers are in their final "Phase 6" state with Naxxramas and all content unlocked; there are no "fresh" Era servers
  • The Era servers are now clustered (more on that below). The most popular NA cluster is the "Whitemane" cluster, and that is what I will be summarizing in this post.
  • The Whitemane cluster is a PvP cluster which contains the following servers: Anathema, Arcanite Reaper, Bigglesworth, Blaumeux, Fairbanks, Kurinnaxx, Rattlegore, Smolderweb, Thunderfury, and Whitemane
  • Chronoboon Displacers (the item that lets you store World Buffs) are currently available on Era (and we're all very happy about it)

You can play both Horde and Alliance on the same PvP server now

A while back Blizzard merged many of the Era servers into "clusters", meaning that certain servers all log into the same shared game world (with player names including a hyphen and their server name, such as Joe-Anathema). This had a profound impact on consolidating the fragmented Era playerbase and is a large reason for its success today. An awesome byproduct of this server merger into clusters is that it allows you to make some Alliance characters on one of the servers in the cluster (say, Whitemane) and some Horde characters on another server in the cluster (say, Fairbanks) and circumvent the rule where you can't create Horde and Alliance characters on the same PvP server.

How do I get started?

The Character Cloning service is unfortunately no longer available, so you'd have to create a new character to get started. However, boosting is still active (actual players - not bots) to help you get there quicker. Additionally, since the SOM servers are still up a popular tactic for leveling new characters is to create a new character on a SOM server to take advantage of the XP buff and then transfer to Era (the transfers are still free from SOM -> Era). If you plan on joining our community in the Whitemane cluster, be sure to create your character on the SOM PvP server Jom Gabbar so that you will be able to transfer it to Whitemane. If you plan on just creating a character directly on Era and leveling with members of our community (or getting boosts), just be sure to create it on one of the servers in our cluster that I listed above.

The Era Update

With that general summary of Era out of the way, on to the details of the "state" of WoW Era (Whitemane cluster).

Era is faction-balanced

Each faction on Era has 3 active Naxx-raiding communities on the Whitemane cluster, as well as a few other smaller pocket communities. Faction balance feels extremely close to 1:1, but I believe there are likely some more Horde overall than Alliance.

Era has raids going on every day of the week

Each faction has 2 Naxx-raiding Guilds and 1 Naxx-raiding GDKP. Below is a summary view of all of the scheduled raids on both Horde and Alliance. Keep in mind that in addition to the scheduled raids below there are also "pop-up" raids that occur every other day or so for AQ20/ZG/Onyxia and even the occasional 40man!


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:00PM Naxx [Guild SR] Occasional "Pop-up" MCs 5:00PM AQ20/ZG/Ony [GDKP] 5:00PM ZG/Ony [SR] 6:00PM MC [GDKP] 6:00PM Naxx [GDKP] Frequent "Pop-up" GDKPs (usually BWL)
7:00PM Naxx [Guild DKP] 6:00PM Alternating BWL & AQ40 [GDKP] 6:00PM Alternating BWL/MC & AQ40 [Guild SR] 7:00PM AQ20/ZG [SR]
7:00PM Alternating BWL/MC & AQ40 [SR] 7:30PM BWL [GDKP]


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1:00PM AQ20/ZG/Ony [GDKP] 5:00PM ZG [SR] 5:00PM Naxx [Guild SR] 5:00PM BWL&MC [Guild SR] 6:00PM BWL [GDKP] 5:00PM ZG/AQ20 [SR] 1:00PM BWL [Guild SR]
6:00PM Naxx [GDKP] 5:30PM Naxx [Guild SR] 6:00PM MC/Ony [Guild SR] 6:00PM ZG/AQ20 (& sometimes Ony) [Guild SR] 6:00PM ZG [GDKP] 5:00PM AQ40 [Guild SR]
8:00PM AQ40 [GDKP]

I'm sure a fair few people reading this are quite surprised at the amount of raids happening on Era, but it's actually only getting busier! In addition to the above raids, there are conversations being had on both factions of adding more. The signups for many of the Naxxes and AQ40s can reach 60+, and just this past Saturday (11/26), the Horde AQ40 - which fills on a first-come, first-served basis - filled up in less than 30 seconds (I know because I was lucky enough to get in)! There are early rumors swirling about another potential 40man raid group starting up on Horde side, and on the Alliance side there is a completely new Guild that has been building its roster over the last few weeks and working its way up to raid-ready!

World buffs are still dropping regularly

You might find it hard to believe, but there's still plenty of buffs being dropped regularly across Era. Here is a table showing the rough buff-drop schedule each week:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Weds Thurs Friday Sat
5:40PM ZG [Horde] 5:20PM ZG [Horde] 4:45PM ZG [Horde] 5:00PM ZG [Alliance]
5:45PM Ony [Horde] 5:25PM Ony[Horde] 4:50PM Ony[Horde] 5:05PM Ony [Alliance]
5:45PM Rend 5:25PM Rend (usually) 4:50PM Rend (usually)
5:50PM Ony [Alliance] 6:30PM ZG [Alliance]
6:35PM Ony [Alliance]

Songflowers are pretty much always there for the picking, though more often than not they are corrupt and need to be cleansed. Dire Maul Tributes are opened frequently throughout the week and are usually pinged in discord, some sellers even have summoners!

World PvP is still happening

A few players have made names for themselves for notoriously camping specific areas such as Orgrimmar, Stormwind, and Silithus. Additionally, there are a few die-hards who sometimes attempt to disrupt the scheduled world buffs or catch stragglers who are slow, which always spices things up a bit.

World Bosses are contested

Last Sunday (11/27) Azuregos spawned just as the Horde Naxx was wrapping up (and the Alliance Naxx was very close to finishing theirs as well). What resulted was a 60 Horde vs 40 Alliance PvP battle in Azshara. The Alliance Naxx didn't finish quick enough for them to reinforce us (I mainly play Alliance), but if they had it would have been a 60v80 World PvP warzone! Azuregos and Kazzak are frequently scouted by both factions when their spawn windows are open, and the Green Dragons are left alone for the most part with the exception of Ysondre, who is still sought after for the Hibernation Crystal trinket.

More and more players are playing both Horde & Alliance

As Era has grown and stabilized, more and more players (myself included) are now branching out to the other faction with alts. As one of the organizers of the Alliance GDKP, I now find myself helping organize Horde GDKP 20-mans on Sunday afternoons on my new Shaman alt. We've also seen an influx of Horde players participating in our Alliance GDKPs on their Alliance alts. This uptick in cross-faction mingling has been super awesome, and it's been loads of fun raiding alongside some of the familiar faces from across the battlefield.

Boosting is active (and they're not bots!)

As mentioned earlier in this post, boosting is still active on Era and it's done by well-known players and not bots! The players who do the boosting are all super friendly, and many times they'll even do it just for tips. If you approach them nicely and inform them that you're a brand new player I'm sure they would gladly invite you into their boosting groups for free.

Ranking is still a thing

There are enough players to get WSG and AB to pop during the weekdays, though getting enough for AV is still a challenge. Regardless, ranking is still very much going on. SOM and Era run the same client under the hood, and when SOM launched the Era client erroneously received the update to the ranking ladder system which expedites the ranking process. No one is complaining about this though, and ranking is now much faster on Era as a result.

There is even a Hardcore community!

Do any of you remember the Road to Ragnaros community on SOM? Well that vision is still being lived on the RP PvE Era realm Bloodsail Buccaneers! They still use the same Hardcore AddOn that announces when players die, and the community is more active than you'd think. They're currently working on getting enough 60s so that they can pick up where the original Road to Ragnaros left off on SOM and have their sights set on Nefarian. Pretty awesome that this community is still active!

Why did I bother with all of this?

Era is feeling extremely healthy right now, and it's awesome. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that so many WoW players do not know that Era even exists - including many who actually played during the Vanilla cycle of Classic WoW. As a result, posts like this need to be made from time to time to raise visibility. Those of us currently playing Era understand the value of drawing in more players. More players = more activity on Era, and more bodies to potentially start up even more raids!

Where can I find out more?

I'll check on this post from time to time over the next few days and provide updates to questions people might have. I will also link the Discords for the 3 larger Era communities of each Faction, as well as the Discords pertaining to the "Hardcore" initiative.


  • <Phase Seven> [DKP]: /phase7
  • <Pasta Sauce> [Modified Soft Res]: /CqDF998rAq
  • <GDKP Maybe> [GDKP Community]: /DnRFxtkxxS


  • <Forever Classic> [Modified Soft Res]: /6gsPujuXSt
  • <Not Prepared> [Soft Res]: /QPMkJ977K7
  • <Okay Booner> [GDKP Community]: /CQ3RzsHY4E

Hardcore Initiative

  • Classic Hardcore [General HC master discord]: /classichc
  • Road to Nefarian [Current Alliance HC Era Community]: /dWutEYXj

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HasanAbi | Just Chatting Hasan on trying to be charitable with DGGers


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Why and how is the US able to send so much money to Ukraine? And FOR THIS?!

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This gives you an idea how many layers of protection doctors must protect themselves everyday from the corona virus.

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Destiny Kai respons to Destiny


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15-30 Minutes How Kurzgesagt Cooks Propaganda For Billionaires [24:13]


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Brazilian army dance

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xQc | Just Chatting Destiny gets ROASTED by xQc


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Career WFH vs career progression?


I'm in a situation where I earn fairly low income $75k a year but i'm in a cruisy role. I don't have a clear career path but i'm fairly sure if I apply I could get a better job (higher pay and more opportunities) in a similar role elsewhere. But i've gotten so used to just being at home and WFH and livign this stress free life. What if i get a new job and have to come to the office a lot and stuff and it's only $5k more income? what should I do? whats better WFH or stress and career progression?

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Congratulations to the Mod team here. You now run the most popular Nazi sub on Reddit.


When the news first broke other subs took the appropriate action to shut down, close the platforms that elevated Ye and his Nazi worldview.

For some reason the Mods here felt that it they knew better. You can already see it on the "new" page. Soon it will be the top voted comments then it'll be the top posts here.

You must ferret out and destroy nests the fascists build. The unfortunate truth is, like a cuckoo bird, fascists will find nests that don't belong to them, destroy the eggs and lay their own. If you don't destroy those eggs before they hatch you'll be a cuckoo's nest forever.

It will happen gradually then all at once. I warn you now. This is a Nazi sub now, even if you can't see it yet.

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AMA - Unverifiziert Ich habe etwas "brotloses" studiert und ohne Probleme den Berufseinstieg in einem Konzern geschafft. AMA!


Ich habe mein erstes Bachelorstudium (Medienwissenschaft) nach zwei Semestern abgebrochen und war davor ein Jahr reisen, habe also theoretisch eine zweijährige Lücke im Lebenslauf. Habe dann einen Bachelor in Linguistik abgeschlossen und einen Master mit Schwerpunkt Politik-, Sozial- und Kommunikationswissenschaft drangehängt. Im Februar fange ich bei einem großen deutschen Konzern in meiner Traumstelle an zu arbeiten.

Mir geht's hier nicht drum, in irgendeiner Form anzugeben, sondern vielmehr, mit Vorurteilen aufzuräumen und mit Studis, die von Zukunftsängsten geplagt sind (wie ich es jahrelang war!) Tipps und Erfahrungen zu teilen. Ich bin es leid, dass man immer nur Horrorgeschichten hört und der klassische Taxifahrer-Joke fällt, sobald man über seine "brotlosen" Studienfächer spricht.

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🗣 Discussion / Question Stop pushing the ‘HF drop’ story


DRS numbers have gone up. Full stop.

This is great news ! It means more shares are being registered in name. It means the shareholders who own a piece of GameStop are committed.

Ok… jump is not as big as we anticipated. So what. Slow and steady wins the race.

I am a firm believer that the short positions have not closed and when the music stops, the real shares will jump up in value. Above all I Hodl.

Now about the narrative that is being pushed. If I look at my own situation,.. I put my entire savings into the company. I see this as my chance of creating generational wealth. That being said, I don’t have the same amount of money laying around to double or significantly increase my position.

If Q4 has another bump, that will also be great news ! We are profitable, good ! Let’s focus on facts and don’t let get dragged in to future FUD.

PS: are your DRS’ed shares in BOOK or PLAN?

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Why do feminists hate the response “not all men” to statements like “all men are stupid and abusive pigs.”?


Why is equality trying to be achieved by generalising and putting down others?

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General KenOC Maybe starting with Episode 6 was a mistake...

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Righteous : Story [WotR Spoilers] Vent: I know it's wholly irrational, but I can't help but feel a level of resentment towards how dark it is


I had to stop playing Wrath Of The Righteous, and I can't stop myself feeling a level of undirected hate because of it.

It caught me off-guard just how dark this game gets (though I will admit that's at least in part because of my lack of forethought). Not only that, but the darkness is unrelenting, awful things happening to fleshed-out characters you care about with frequency. Breaks are few and far inbetween, and moments of triumph are frequently undercut at the best of times (Such as the moment you get your first mythic level, only to find out you're a plant by Areelu). Some moments of respite and reward are even brutally stolen from you (I hated the bit of Seelah's quest where demons steal everyone's souls at the wedding). This is particularly distinct in the midgame. Some online have suggested it gets much better lategame when you start scoring major victories, but that involves getting through the dark parts first.

It got to the point where the nightmare after nightmare and worrying about all the characters got too much, and I had to stop to think. I came to the conclusion that the story was simply too unpleasant for me to engage with.

Which I found a great shame, because there are so many interesting parts to it! The characters are all fascinating, I wanted to see how Arushalae's (I forget how to spell her name, it's been a while) redemption progressed, I liked being the Knight-Commander. The gameplay, too, was great, managing to polish off a few of the things that irked me in Kingmaker's otherwise solid game. I even had a few plots in my head for fanfiction. But the plot is simply too dark for me to interact with.

On a rational level, I know it's nobody's fault. Paizo and Owlcat are entitled to make their art as dark or light as they please, and Owlcat did put content warnings (that I didn't notice, but that was because the game being the kind-of-sequel to Kingmaker was all I needed to know). I'm also at the lower end of the bell curve when it comes to emotional stability; I have a disability that impairs my emotional regulation and I'm on medication which makes me more emotional. I certainly can't expect every text to regulate itself to accommodate my emotional mess (granted, I notice games these days are dark far too often, but that's a different and much more complicated discussion). Despite this, I can't help but feel a level of resentment for how much I wanted to engage, but can't afford to.

There's not much to be done, really. I'm happy for everyone that enjoys the game, there's certainly a lot to be enjoyed. I guess I just have to sit back and come to terms with the fact that this is a story I can't engage with.

Vent over

(P.S. In part because of this, I do feel a little annoyance that Owlcat went over to 40k, but they're entirely within their right to make that choice)

Edit: A lot of people bring up the different Mythic paths and insist Azata makes the story lighthearted. An Azata is what I was playing. I can see how it made it more lighthearted, but there was still a whole lot of dark stuff I had to deal with, including - Cannabalism - Massacre of civilians - Mind control - Powerlessness - Some very unpleasant ways to die - Massacre of the wounded - Capture - Torture - Trauma And that's before I even hit Drezen. Things get a whole lot worse.