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Discussion Questions Thread - December 09, 2022


Questions Thread

This is a general question thread on. You can find the previous question threads here.

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The idea is for anyone to be able to ask anything related to PoE:

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We'd like to thank those who answered questions in the last thread! You guys are the best.

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Livethread (Closed) 3.20 League Info Megathread


Looking for the Leaks Megathread?

Leaks megathread can be found here: OldReddit | NewReddit

Ruthless Megathread

Formatting supported best when viewed via wiki.

Latest Info (updated daily)

Official News

Meta News

New Expansion - The Forbidden Sanctum

Collect Aureus coins and discover its secrets.

New League Breakdown - Sanctum League

A long-hidden Templar enclave has been possessed by a malevolent entity. Explore a rogue-like dungeon with random rooms and encounters. Deeper floors have stronger monsters and modifiers. Four floors have increasingly dangerous encounters and bosses. Each floor has 8 rooms.

Players select a room, complete the encounter, then visit the reward room in each map.

Your Resolve Level is maintained between consecutive rooms. Resolve is reduced by hits from monsters or traps, and are not mitigated by defences; they deal a small amount of damage but primarily reduce Resolve. Resolve hitting zero will eject you from the Sanctum but does not count as your character dying.

Templar Relics

General Changes & Game Balance

  • Hex Master Keystone - makes Hexes have infinite duration, 20% less Curse Effect
  • Divine Vessels can be used by Right Clicking.
  • Right Click a Chronicle of Atzoatl to view the map.
  • Melee Splash on passive tree
  • New totem melee mastery?

Monster Modifier Rework

  • Archnemesis system removed.
  • Simpler modifier descriptions, closer to how monster modifiers worked pre-Archnemesis.
  • Reward modifiers are hidden. More mods = more chance for rewards.

Endgame Atlas Improvements

Atlas Tree Revamp

  • Boss Bonuses from nodes have been removed and added directly into the bosses themselves.
  • Buffed spawn chance nodes for Extra Content.
  • Eldritch Altars now specifically say what item types drop. Lower tier currency are removed.
  • Rusted Scarabs are now core drops.
  • Maven Witnessed map bosses can now drop Awakened Support Gems.

Atlas Memories

Fracturing Shard -> Fracturing Orb. Fractures a random modifier on items with 4+ mods. Drops from Harbinger. Fracture craft removed from Harvest

Skill Gems


  • Volcanic Fissure - Slam the ground, creating a winding fissure that deals area damage while travelling outwards. When it reaches the target location it erupts, releasing a burst of molten projectiles. Requires an Axe, Mace, Sceptre, Staff or Unarmed. Fissure travels to cursor and summons a geyser of magma balls.
  • Frozen Legion - This spell consumes multiple cooldown uses to summon icy Statues in a ring. Each Statue uses your Frozen Sweep attack once before vanishing. Requires an Axe, Mace, Sceptre, or Staff. This skill cannot be triggered, supported by Spell Echo, or Unleash, or used by Totems, Traps, or Mines. Frozen Sweep is used by your Statues to deal damage in an area around them while stepping forward. This skill cannot repeat and can only be used by Statues from Frozen Legion.
Vaal Skills
  • Vaal Flicker Strike - causes several additional repeats faster dealing no damage but inflicting a wound debuff, then deals a single hit to affected enemies based on number of debuffs at the end of attack. Can hit the same enemy multiple times.
  • Vaal Cleave - killing Rare or Unique enemy buffs Cleave's AOE, damage, and grants culling. Killing Rare enemy grants Monster Mods for 20 seconds.
  • Vaal Volcanic Fissure - A fissure travels to a targeted enemy, creates a geyser of magma balls, then repeats a fissure to another random enemy x4 additional times (autotarget).
  • Vaal Caustic Arrow - Fires an Arrow that pierces all targets and leaves a linear trail of Caustic Ground under the path of the arrow. Does not stack with other Caustic Ground effects
  • Vaal Blade Flurry
  • Vaal Venom Gyre
  • Vaal Molten Strike
  • Vaal Smite
  • Cursed Ground Support - Supported skills create cursed ground. Enemies on the cursed ground from a supported skill are cursed with that hex.
  • Hex Bloom: Hexes from Supported Skills are transferred to all enemies within a certain distance when Hexed Enemy dies.

New Uniques (8/15+)

Boss Kill Race Pinnacle Uniques (5/8)

  • Regular Eater/Exarch, ben - (from Archnemesis Boss Race)
  • Uber Eater - jungroan - Nimis - Projectiles are fired in random directions and return at end of flight
  • Uber Exarch
  • Uber Maven - ben - Progenesis - Amethyst Flask, causes 25% of Life loss from Damage taken to be taken over 4 seconds instead
  • Uber Sirus
  • Uber Venarius - rawlnx - Rational Doctrine - Jewel, Consecrated Ground vs Profane Ground based on Str/Int
  • Uber Uber Elder - ziz - Soul Ascension
  • Uber Shaper - gucci - Entropic Devastation - Spells Impale on crit. Grants Call of Steel and increased effect of Spell Impales.

Uber Boss Kill winners

  1. Ben (Darkee)
  2. imexile (nickexile11)
  3. Zizaran
  4. GucciPradas
  5. jungroan (jezie)
  6. Steelmage
  7. rawlnx (formerly z4kur)

Other New Uniques

  • Anathema - Curse Limit is equal to max Power Charges
  • Eternal Damnation - reduces Max Resistance but increases Elemental Damage Reduction by half of Chaos Resistance
  • Firesong - Ignite Duration on You applies to other Elemental Ailments
  • Witchbane - When you kill an enemy by a non-aura Hex, become Immune to Curses for remaining Hex Duration

Reworked Uniques

  • Curse Unique updates
    • Heretic's Veil - +2 Curse Gems, buffed reservation efficiency for Curse Gems
    • Fated End
    • Coward's Chains, Coward's Legacy or Soul Mantle no longer have increased effect of curses
    • Sources of Hex on Hit no longer have increased effect
    • Ylfeban's Trickery - 100% chance to Curse Enemies with random Hex when they hit you, ignoring Curse Limit

Buffs to endgame weapons

New Div Cards (1/10)

Ruthless Mode



[Kirac Vault Pass 4 - # skins.]

Supporter Packs

  • Forge Series
    • Clockwork Back Attachment - builds up during killstreak, releases steam at end of Rampage
    • Delirious Hideout Decoration - Delirium Fog in hideout, Delirium monster apparitions and Strange Voice voicelines
    • Forgeguard Armour Set - shows animation while crafting affixes
    • Ethereal Fusing Effect - shows sockets and links above character while crafting, other players can congratulate you on 6-link
    • Crowstorm Portal Effect - causes Crows to fly around it if the player is far away
    • High Templar Weapon Effect - smites undead and scours the souls of undead you kill
  • Gemling Series
    • Beehive Weapon Effect - covers your weapon in honey and causes bees to erupt on hit; crits creates big bees
    • Stampede Quicksilver Flask - Ghostly Rhoas on Quicksilver Flask
    • Gemling Artificer Armour Pack - gear slots shows your socketed gems and animations on crafting Gems/special level up
    • Prospero's Ring - drops coins around you and fist bumps players you trade
    • Consuming Ooze Pet - consumes corpses and turns them into bones
    • Cadiro Perandus Hideout Decoration - Cadiro can be invited as a Vendor and Div Card redeemer in hideout

Media Coverage

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Information Preview of new expedition notables

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Information The Dawnstrider Unique Boots can drop from the Searing Exarch, and were designed by @Lightee7

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Information NeverSink's Filter, FilterBlade, Ruthless - timeline and upcoming changes (as a visual representation)


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Information Here are a some new small Blight-related Atlas Passive nodes, as well as a new Notable!


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Information Preview of a new delirium atlas node

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Information Otherworldly Artefacts is another new Breach-related Notable Passive on the Atlas Tree

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Tool Cheatsheet: Map Shuffle showing 6-Link div card drop locations, looking for current Betrayal, Incursion and Heist cheatsheets

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Fluff 3.20 League Start Flow Chart (dark theme in comments)

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Fluff One two three four

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Sub Meta Before Sanctum League Starts


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Fluff What a way to be reminded of this league

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Fluff Leveling before league start - I think I used up all my luck for next 3 months...

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Fluff My first League and I made 5 full built characters and clocked 500 hours. I love this game so much, wish I played earlier!


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Information Path of Exile: The Forbidden Sanctum launches soon!


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Discussion (WR) Level 100 in 51 minutes


From the team who brought you 1-100 in one 29h session… 1-100 in 51 minutes /played

The current record for getting a character to level 100 is held by Manni and clocks in at 3:28:26.

We planned to beat this time by abusing the experience offered in Untainted Paradise tiles in Mirrored Tablets. The rules for our run were:

- Timer starts on character creation screen

- Run is complete when the character reaches level 100

- Use any content available to do so

- Don’t have to get all skill point quests or ascend.

Link to the run: https://youtu.be/5QmTUQbfdok

Final stats: Level 100 reached in 1:01:02 real time/played was 51 minutes

/age was 1 hour, 1 minute and 2 seconds

Breakdown of each split: https://i.imgur.com/9ZWtSRn.png

The Campaign

Routing the Campaign took a lot of testing and tuning to figure out. Some quests required specific quest states, so we had to get characters to that stage of the campaign without completion - an example here is collecting the fireflies in Act 7.

The people involved in the boosting also had to prepare certain boss fights ahead of time - some examples here are Daresso, Maligaro and both Kitava fights.

After much practice (our first attempts were around 20 minutes long) we managed to get the timing of this down to 12 minutes - in the actual run we managed this in 10 minutes 32 seconds.

Leveling from 2 to 60

This section of the campaign involved a few moving parts: the Reverse Knockback build, EXP leech gear and zone planning. Getting this section right took some practice and a lot of theorycrafting.

Reverse Knockback Build

In order to make XPing from 2 to 60 as fast as possible, we needed to pull all the mobs in a zone into a small area. We considered Vaal Cyclone, however this has several problems. We found a great interaction between Empire's Grasp*(Knockback direction is reversed)* and Storm Rain.

Storm Rain has a useful property in that it has no "central" point as a skill, meaning the direction the knockback is reversed towards the player itself. In addition to the initial hit applying knockback, the beams also apply knockback.

We used The Siege unique jewel (guaranteeing knockback on all hits), Dyadian Dawn with Brutality to not deal damage and Dialla’s Malefaction to give additional knockback distance.

The beauty of this setup includes that it works on basically any build , here is one used PoB as an example: https://pobb.in/vFAAPOyEPePD

Exp Leech Gear

Allowing Havoc to move as quickly as possible while zone farming with a carry, picking up quest items and clearing quest states in town meant that we needed to minmax his build for maximal movement speed. Also being able to equip all Increased Experience Gain items (Chitus' Apex, Supreme Truth and Perandus Signet) as soon as possible was mandatory. Stat requirements for these items were handled through picking up the keystone: Supreme Ostentation: Ignore attribute requirements, provided by an Elegant Hubris of Caspiro.

We crafted low item level gear with Hollow Fossils, for Abyssal Jewels with the mod: increased Movement Speed if you haven't taken Damage Recently on 2% movement speed implicit Synth jewels.

Zone Planning

Over the course of our testing, we identified which zones were the most efficient at different levels. A big factor in this is how easy the zone was to pull - zones with blocking terrain or ledges were much harder to pull mobs in than a zone with an open layout.

We completed this section of the run in 21 minute and 36 seconds - after which came the most important section of the run: Abusing Paradise

Abusing Paradise

The experience you can get in Untainted Paradise tiles in Lake of Kalandra is absolutely bonkers - at a conservative estimate using experience gear, each tier 14 lake would yield 7.4 million experience at level 99. For comparison, during the Delirium Everywhere event we estimated that each T16 map we ran gave us about 1 million experience at level 99.We planned around each lake taking ~6 seconds to enter and clear - at that rate running lakes non stop would yield ~4.4 billion exp per hour - a number greater than the total experience required to level to 100 (4.25 billion).

Executing this phase of the plan well was vital, as we only had one attempt at running all the Paradise lakes we had accumulated - there were not enough T14+ lakes with an Untainted Paradise tile on the market to sustain a dry run.

Using reverse knockback was no longer required in the lakes. We had enough people with strong builds to prepare the lakes for our carries, who alternated between lakes, swirling in Havoc when needed.

It took us 28 minutes and 54 seconds to level from 60 to 100 in Untainted Paradise tiles, taking the total run time to 1:01:02 in real time, with /played showing 51 minutes.We used 132 lakes in total to achieve this, ranging from item level 68 to 83.

Estimated Cost

Accurately estimating the currency spent on these is difficult. We bought ~132 Mirrored Tablets with Untainted Paradise tiles for anywhere between 150c and 3 divines. We also had to self farm the low item level lakes as none existed on the market.

In addition to existing characters, we also used: 6 Magebloods and 7 six-linked Dialla’s Malefactions.


While we are happy with our performance, this run certainly wasn’t perfect.

We had many small hiccups and we could certainly do it considerably faster if we had time and resources for another attempt.

In theory we could have utilized up to 22 people to speed up the story and 14 people or more would have been optimal for xp.

Final Thoughts

This record could not have been set without the hard work of everyone involved, from planning and theorycrafting to hours of practice, to showing up and executing well on the night.An especially big thank you to Molly and Llew, who coordinated the practice, planning and resources that went into the event - without them this would not have happened.

We would also like to thank AdT for buying the lion's share of Mirrored Tablets over the course of the league and crafting the Exp Leech gear.We would additionally like to thank Icedragn for showing us how strong lakes were and for theorycrafting the Reverse Knockback Storm Rain build - this build was pivotal in speeding up how fast the mob pulling builds could work, which in turn sped up the run significantly.

Also a big thanks to efun for creating the fancy graphic used in the intro.Finally we would like to thank everyone in Team Focus who participated in this event: Havoc, Llew, Molly, AdT, Icedragn, Timmy, Kawa, GadK, Timo, SPL, koszZ, Oldling & Salad.

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Community Showcase Good luck everyone tomorrow! Here's a toast from Divinia.

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Fluff Cadiro knows his stuff.


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Discussion Please reconsider your starter if you are going EK


Edit 1:

  1. For the title, I only mean EK ignite starter. The whole article is about why EK is an end game build disguised as a starter.
  2. I love mbXtreme. I have nothing against him. Just be careful if you want to follow his league starter.


Two months ago, I watched mbXtreme's video about EK and got so hyped I created my first second char ever just to test it out. I also spent a fair amount of time with original David's POB, which led me to the following conclusion:

TLDR: EK is a build that scales well with extreme investment. Such builds does not perform well with low/mid investment (~ 10 - 50 Divine) . Transition from WOC to EK is not the same as transition from spectral helix into LS. It's more like LS berserk transition into acc stacking jugg.

Here are the reasons:

P1: Obliteration wand is the only realistic weapon. But it is an invitation to disaster.

We all know that obliteration wand is an alternative to the mirror tier explody bow. Monsters still explode, cheers! But have you thought about why is it a explody bow in the first place?

Another MAJOR utility of bow is to six link your auras and enlighten gem so you can reserve all the 7 auras (5 + vitality + malevolence/haste). The build by David barely made it (6 mana left) by using a 30% efficiency enchant, T1 helmet influence and level 4 + 3 enlighten.

You lost your bow, you lost your auras. Just removing a level 7 enlighten put you -26% unreserved mana. If you anoint charisma, it goes back to -15%. But I have to say, 30% efficiency enchant and T1 helmet influence are not easy things to come by either.

With -15% deficiency, you sacrificed a damage anoint and lose 10% dmg. Simply removing 1 vitality from your aura won't make it. You need to remove another one. Discipline has to stay because you need it for defence and casting malevolence. For the discussion, I will remove Herald of Ash because it is "least impactful" to dmg and you only lose 20% dmg that way.

You may think I am nut to list the dmg impact here because that's what always happens when you downgrade a build. No, every bit of dmg count for this particular build because:

P2: Almost all your damage comes from expensive items and there is no incremental upgrade.

~50% of the dmg comes from the level 4+2 empowerment gem alone which cost ~15 D at league start. Without empowerment, we are at 10M dps. At this point, I believe you are better off with a starter WOC build. But how much money do you need to get a 10M EK ? A lot.

The 60% of the remaining dmg comes from 2 cluster jewels (28 skill points) which are not cheap either. Without them, you only has 4M dps.

One thing l like LS is that there are tons of incremental upgrade. I may not have enough currencies for a big upgrade but I can always spend 1D here and there to progress further little by little. This is not the case for EK.

The meager 4M dps we have right now is what you get with still top gears. You are still wearing "fire exposure + dot multiplier + conversion gloves" ( 50% dmg), skin of lords (25% dmg), double extra dmg quiver (15%) and flamability on hit ring (15%). It will take a long time to farm them. And most incremental upgrades you make will most likely become a futile effort to mimic the power of above items. The investment in those gears could comfortably get me a all-round strong LS already.

If the cluster jewels are so important for this build, then wouldn't it be wise to prioritize using them? Ofc, but only if you can get the points.

P3: There is no defence layer. You die a lot.

The build uses armour and energy shield. There is no room for evasion so good bye spell suppression.

40K armour while flask up is all defence we get, given you have skin of lords/loyal. Without? ~30K.

Mind over matter is hardly a defensive layer because we have so few life.

What I have done is to spec into shield block and using tempest shield (dropping yet another offensive aura). But the points I put into block are competing with points I needed in cluster jewel. Plus, it does not work as well as I would like.

Now take a review. P1 + P2 + P3 basically bars EK from bootstrapping itself. You have to keeping farming with WOC until you can rely your EK dmg as a defence layer. It demands a lot of investment on gears, jewels, gems and levels. They are not optional, they are mandatory.

The requirement is so high that you are likely stuck with WOC for a good portion of the league if you are casual gamer like me.

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Discussion Making powerful relics more available would be a great way to improve player retention


I’m on Vaal Hopium right now. But I think the drop rate of crazy relics might be higher than we’d expected.

The relics are ridiculously powerful, each of them more or less indicates a corresponding play style (int stacking, power charge stacking, and I wouldn’t be surprised that there are minion specialized one too), and they are account bound, league specific.


Say if an int stacking relic drops and I don’t care that play style, then it’s almost as if it didn’t drop because I can’t sell it to others and inflate the overall power of the player base. It will just expire in my stash after 3 months.

However, if I didn’t plan for a int stacker but dropped a relic, and I do want to try, then I would grind for the new build. The FOMO created by “league specific” will push me to grind harder.

It’s almost as if GGG encourage you to try a play style for only this league. It wouldn’t hurt if you don’t, but it would make you grind more if you do, especially because it’s league specific. And not just this league, once you’ve enjoyed it, you will crave more the next league.

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Fluff A minion unique rework idea -- Umbilicus Immortalis

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Community Showcase My tarrot cards!


My tarrot cards have arrived and I'm super excited about it! I would love to find out who the 3rd developers signature is, as I cannot quite make it out.

Check them out!

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Video Small Autumn themed Hideout - Neglected Garden 2

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


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Information Update to Vaal Molten Strike

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Discussion PSA: with 88% curse effect and temporal chains you can make poisons last 4 times as long on bosses


Temporal chains (even at level 1) as a base gives 40% slower expire rate of effects on the enemy which is effectively a 66% more multiplier to duration (formula is duration / expire rate). At 50% slower expire rate (25% curse effect) this becomes 100% more duration, at 66% slower expire rate (65% curse effect) 200% more and at 75% slower expire rate (88% curse effect) 300% more where it is capped.

This is especially good for poisons since the more poisons you have on the enemy at the same time the more damage you deal. Despair got gutted, but temp chains is insane for poison builds now.

How to reach 88% curse effect? There is currently 40% curse effect on the skill tree, additionally you can for example get 15% from lab enchantment, 16% from eldritch implicit on helmet, 20% from atziri's reflection adding up to 91%.

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Fluff MS Paint: Classic witchery results in rap battle with god.

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