r/movies Oct 06 '22

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey 'hit a bumpy patch' in Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted Article



u/melcolnik Oct 06 '22

This headline is bullshit. Literally answers the first question with: “It's not as though they've hit a bumpy patch…”

Do better EW


u/Shady_Hound Oct 06 '22

I'm already annoyed when partial quotes are used to imply something clickbaitey, but the journalist straight-up wrote the opposite message of what the speaker said.

It's not like the author is lying about some important political issue or anything but still a weird move.


u/Latest-greatest Oct 06 '22

journalism has taken such a nose dive in quality these past few years. wtf is this


u/LinguistThing Oct 06 '22

The first movie is very good, a real theatrical event, which is why I’m worried and a little confused that the trailer for the new one seems like more middle-fare Disney+ stuff


u/Sisiwakanamaru Oct 06 '22

Disenchanted is more of a musical than Enchanted was, right? You're singing and dancing, and Idina has some numbers, I hope?

Yes, thank goodness. That was the grossest oversight, her never singing in the first one. She sings twice, and I couldn't be happier. Yes, that's a Wicked reference. But I'm thrilled. Her song is so beautiful [speaking with EW recently, Menzel revealed the name of one song is "Love Power"]. It's one of my favorite moments of the movie. She's Idina — she's special and has such a beautiful voice.

Yay, I cannot wait for Idina Menzel's number, I think the other one is a duet with James Marsden.


u/Jasonotg0 Oct 06 '22

That was the grossest oversight, her never singing in the first one

To be fair Menzel has been on record saying she loved doing the first one because she didn't sing (well she did but it was cut) and got to lean entirely on her acting alone.


u/The_G_89 Oct 06 '22

I wish I could Marry Amy Adams and have her happy to be with me.