r/leagueoflegends Oct 06 '22

NA DEFEATS EU for the 1st time EVER at Worlds / Favorite teams in the meta - Summoning Insight S5E27



u/DogTheGayFish Oct 06 '22

I always find their segments of industry stuff to do with casters, players + Riot really interesting. It is disappointing seeing the platform this game started on all those years ago not being parlayed into a scene that can adequately protect its casters.


u/Jozoz Oct 06 '22

I'm more surprised by how many people on this subreddit that seem to be not only complacent but actually happy about the complete Riot monopoly.

I just don't understand why. It's literally only good for the entity in charge. It sucks for casters, fans, players, everyone except Riot.

Some day it seems inevitable that the ability to host an esport tournament will be sort of "public property" like hosting a football event would be today. I can't wait for that day personally.


u/djpain20 Oct 06 '22

I mean it's certainly debatable if the current system sucks for the players. LoL is far and away the #1 esport in the World in terms how many pro players in the scene are earning a liveable salary and that is at least partly due to regional league format that we have right now.

Same for the fans side. CS:GO has the decentralized structure that some of you wish for and guess what? The fans are not asking for more tournament organizers, they're asking for less. As it stands right now their scene has basically one TO in Blast that is capable of hosting tournaments with high production quality meanwhile other TOs like ESL and PGL are constantly tripping over their own feet as their tournaments are filled with audio, lag issues, weird scheduling, lack of interesting content. Riot is not perfect but at least they have a decent baseline level of production quality that I can expect to get from them.


u/Jozoz Oct 06 '22

I am not saying the system sucks. I am saying that the monopoly sucks. There's a big difference.

It would be even better for the players with no monopoly.

  • Players could choose what events/leagues to attend. A more open structure would increase the bargaining power of players to negotiate salary.

  • Example: Want Faker in your team to play LCK? Well maybe you have to pay him more if he can choose to play for another team that attends other events. Right now Faker is locked to a LCK franchised org if he wants to play League of Legends esports at all. That is massive power for the LCK franchise to have.

It's not really a logical conclusion that the current system is a product of the monopoly? Where's your evidence for that? I think it's far more likely that the current prosperous system is a consequence of a very popular game with heavy investment into it because of its huge popularity worldwide.


u/Tommybeast Oct 07 '22

omg the free market


u/Jozoz Oct 07 '22

Yeah market powers do in fact exist. Crazy concept that has been known to economists for hundreds of years.


u/shadowmushroom1 Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

...then the issue of player salaries would be bigger than it is now

edit- also the example doesnt really work if you consider faker's personality and his team loyalty


u/Jozoz Oct 07 '22

Good one.


u/obese_is_disease Oct 07 '22

Riot's eSports scene is primarily about selling skins, not making the best eSports product. eSports is just one of a number of type of skins, and not as integral to gaining a larger customer base for League as it used to be (streamers are likely a bigger part than eSports now)

They'd rather have a monopoly on the eSports scene so it can be tailored to optimize for RIO for skins. Too many events cost too much, and may make more sales but less per event (event skins would lose value the more events there are) that the ROI lowers. It also allows for pacing of various of types of skins to be sold to different audiences so each skin release feels fresh for each type; there'll be spacing between the cycle of weeb skins, cyber punk skins, esports skins, goofy skins, edgelord skins, festival skins.

I think eSports as a product can be profitable, but is likely dwarfed compared to how profitable skins are compared to effort.


u/Tilterino247 Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

Probably won't get anyone else talking about the caster stuff because its their livelihood but damn it's fucked. All the league money really is being siphoned out. It's not going back into the game, not going in to the client, not going into the pro scene.

It's all just getting siphoned to other projects.

Edit: and to all of the dumb dumbs who "hurr durr thorin downvote." This is the only show talking about (and willing to stand up for) the casters. More casters are about to get retired as worlds progresses. I hope your favorite caster stays safe.


u/gordonpamsey Oct 06 '22

Its funny when you contextualize this in the Rioter accusing Reginald of siphoning resources from LoL to fund other investments.


u/prowness Oct 06 '22

Not just “some Rioter” but the ducking CEO. ‘Memba “Love me some Reggie”?


u/MastodonFanMan Oct 06 '22

Man I’m sorry I don’t feel bad for the casters. I absolutely don’t want the games for a caster trying to get my excited for moments that don’t need it.

The casters can be fun but the analyst, man I wish we could just flat out do away with the analyst desk stuff.


u/aburgess11 Oct 06 '22

theres los to dislike thorin and monte for, but for years they have held their stance on how Riot treats casters/freelancing, and they are constantly being proved right.


u/p3r3ll3x Oct 07 '22

Problem with one org having a monopoly over everything


u/Acegickmo Oct 06 '22

Literally false title


u/xNesku Oct 06 '22

You know they're implying Best of 5s, right?

In the title's sentence it would have a bracket to give context for what's being implied in grammar. But obviously it would look dumb in a youtube title.


u/Nyranth Oct 06 '22

It’s a false title because “na defeats eu for the 1st time EVER at worlds” is an untrue statement. Doesn’t matter what they are trying to imply.


u/Acegickmo Oct 06 '22

I know they’re implying that because I already know what happened. What’s the point?


u/NovelAries Oct 06 '22

I know they’re implying that because I already know what happened. What’s the point?

So then its not a false title?


u/Acegickmo Oct 06 '22

True I guess I can also just say NA is the best region in the world and put any qualifier after that to just be assumed while we’re at it


u/APKID716 Oct 06 '22

Acegickmo moment


u/OilOfOlaz Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

or can also stop being butthurt about it, but the you would be bored.


u/Far-Management5939 Oct 06 '22

how to block thorin from appearing on my screen


u/MrPraedor Oct 06 '22

By not clicking his videos or social media.


u/copthegod Oct 07 '22

i'm commenting on this so you get a notification and thorin appears on your screen again


u/Grouched I like bindings Oct 07 '22

But nothing says "I don't care about this guy" as well as obsessively downvoting and commenting how you don't care on every single thread remotely related to said guy within minutes!


u/OilOfOlaz Oct 06 '22

Not clicking on the topics that feature his show and not commenting on them would be a first step in think.


u/copthegod Oct 07 '22

i'm not fully through the episode and i'm generally a fan of the show, but this is a particularly good one


u/WrasslinisWrasslin Oct 06 '22

I feel bad for MAD, one bad day and now everyone roasts them


u/Lothric43 Oct 06 '22

They’ve been out of favor basically since the last few weeks of the split. Slipped down to 2nd place but swept four out of five spots in all pro 1st, lost every Bo5 in playoffs handily but made it through to worlds on pure circumstance, pretty weak performances even in wins against wildcards then utterly shit stomped by NA.


u/EfficientAstronaut1 IG 2018 > Everyone | BDS Last fan | nerf Sion Oct 06 '22

They have been victims of the circumstamces, normally they wouldnt be shit on this hard


u/powerfamiliar Oct 06 '22

I think under any circumstances and in any sport the team with 4/5 all pros + the MVP that does this poorly post regular season would get trashed.

Tho tbf I think a lot of the ridicule for that should be going the the casters voters and not the players. It’s not Unforgiven’s fault the LEC cast thought he was the best Botlaner in Europe.


u/Jozoz Oct 06 '22

People should also remember that this All-Pro choice was relentlessly shat on when it was announced.

The general sentiment was that 2nd All-Pro would stomp 1st All-Pro. These awards sometimes require context, because they are not some objective indicator. Many of them are quite controversial.


u/EfficientAstronaut1 IG 2018 > Everyone | BDS Last fan | nerf Sion Oct 06 '22

The 4/5 all pro are also part of the circustamces (others voted for them), in a world where MAD gets 2 or 3 all post and doesnt go to worls, people wouldnt shit them as much


u/BetterRadiance Oct 06 '22

It isn't one bad day. They also lost all BO5 in the EU


u/Sellier123 Oct 06 '22

Tbf tho, they are getting shit for not making it out of playins again but this time is def different from the last time because this time 1 major region team had to not make it. Them losing to NA to not make it out isnt that bad


u/beesong Oct 06 '22

Ill try to salvage his statement, 3 bo5 days which is less than 1% of a year but then again they were complete trash for spring so we'll say they had 51% bad days


u/Jozoz Oct 06 '22

Tfw >90% of your year is playing BO1s. That's LoL esports for ya!


u/LetMeOmixam Oct 06 '22

I mean they've been playing like shit since LEC playoffs


u/PowerfulRice5704 Oct 06 '22

Considering they came to worlds having not won a single bo5, I'd say they've had more than one bad day.


u/storm1764 Oct 06 '22

people should call out lec for this not having a gauntlet for 4th seed


u/NovelAries Oct 06 '22

They never won a Bo5 in LEC this year. This isnt a bad day for them, theyve been awful at playing Bo5s all year.


u/EpicShinx Oct 06 '22

They were never meant to even go to worlds under normal circumstances.


u/qwertymarch rip old flairs Oct 06 '22

Monte and Thoorin are actually giving them a lot of credit for playing well against DRX