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Image Found a cow sticker in Pasila station, has anyone seen one with the writing intact? What is it about?

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Video Luminen Päivä

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Question The sauna for aging leftist punks who speak English and like electronic music?


OK. This is not for me, but for my husband. We are expats and he does not have a job here. He needs a way to meet people and hang out.

What are some good English-speaking meetups, groups, activities, or even, yes, as the title suggests, saunas that might fit?

Also as the title suggests, he is an aging leftist punk who likes electronic music. His other major interests include dogs, cooking, social justice, and cooking. He is learning Finnish very slowly.

He is very friendly and makes friends easily. Where could he go hang out to meet people?

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Discussion HSL:n tarkastusmaksu


Hei, rupesin miettimään, että mitä jos kun tarkastaja pyytää sinulta henkilöpapereita ja sanoit että ei ole, ja sen jälkeen pyytää täyttämään lapun minne liitetään hetu yms, niin mitä jos ei hetuakaan olevinaan muista? Jos sanoo että muistaa tietysti alun = oman syntymäpäivän, vaikka 170486 mutta ei loppua? Eihän ne voi oikeastaan enään tehdä mitään

Kiitos vastaukssista

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Work & Education Studying without ielts


Hey can i do masters without ielts? Ive completed my previous education in English from india.

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Question Vanha Tanssit


Hey fellow redditorss!

I'm here in Finland abroad and I'm doing the Vanha Tanssit in February, so I really need to find a dress. I'll be visiting Helsinki quite a bit (maybe even 10.12.2022) and would really like osme recommendations if you know of any possible 'pop-up shops' or maybe a cheaper store. Yes I am fully aware that fancy dresses aren't cheap, at least for a good one. But if it's possible to save a few dollars then that would nice.

Kiitos paljon!

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Housing / Living Recommend me some shops!


Hello! I'm flying to Helsinki from South America on January 1st and I need to buy everything all over again, fresh start.

Since I'll be new in town I'd love to know the best places to get everything, either local or online, being more specific I'm looking for furniture like a bed, nightstands, a desk, etc (basic stuff), towels, bedsheets, pillows, home appliances, tech stuff like computer, music device, and most important, winter clothing (My shorts are not going to warm me enough there)

I'm on a budget so I'm not looking for super expensive stuff, any suggestion is more than welcome :)

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Question Ukrainian Refugee Assistance


I am assisting friends to evacuate from Kyiv, Ukraine. They are having difficulty with meeting their basic needs with no electricity, heat and it is getting hard to find clean water and no way to boil it without gas or heat. They have just a little bit of internet access when they are able to charge their phones so I’m gathering information for them to read when they come online.

Are there any aid organizations, shelters in Helsinki to accept refugees?

The husband is in his late 40s and requires dialysis so they will need to head to a hospital immediately for that. He needs it every other day.

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Question How do Finnish schools differ from Scandinavian schools?



I was wondering if Finnish schools differ much from Scandinavian schools.

Has anyone attended a school in Denmark, Norway, or Sweden?

If so, how did that school compare to schools in Finland?

In particular, I am curious to know about the following areas:

(A) Academic: Which school system was more challenging? Were any subjects more challenging than others?

(B) Disciplinary: Which schools were stricter? Were the teachers stricter, or were the school rules stricter?

(C) Social: Were the students friendlier? How did the social atmosphere compare?

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Question where to get a prepaid debit card and what kind?


Hi! We are visiting from the US right now and brought a bunch of Euros to avoid international transaction fees but it seems like almost nowhere takes cash! Where can we find a Visa (or other) card to load the euros onto to use? We looked in some grocery stores (that's where we get them in the US) but didn't see any. Thank you!!

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OC Itsenäisyyspäivä Helsingin hautausmaalla


Finnish student associations parade their flags today. People honor those who lost their lives defending Finland by lightning a candle.

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Discussion Looking for people who are into dark academia!


Hello everybody,

I am very introverted and often spend time by myself. I do enjoy it, but as of lately I have been wanting to do my hobbies or hang out with people who are into dark academia.

This is very niche, therefore hard to find people who are into this.

I will leave a small introduction below.

So I’m a 22 year old (mostly traditional) art student from Espoo. I live alone with my 2 cats and one dog. In my free time I like reading books, watching movies, listening to music, doing art, going for walks or playing video games. I enjoy cooking and baking as well. I used to do ballet, but stopped earlier this year.

I like philosophy, metaphysics, psychology and classic literature.

My 2 main languages are English and Finnish. I also speak Russian and German, and a bit of school Swedish.

Please note that I am strictly looking for friends only who are interested in the same things.

Bonus points if you’re a girl because I lack girl friends haha :P

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thank you for reading, and if you’re interested, please DM me. :)

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Question Good second-hand stores in Helsinki?


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Question Independance day


Hello I'm visiting Helsinki and I just saw that tomorrow is the national holiday. Is there some special events happening on this day ? Fireworks ? Anything else I should know ?

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Image Kalasatama

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Meet-up Anyone for hanging in rock/metal pubs next couple days?


Just arrived here yesterday. Am into music in general, but more specifically rock, metal, biking, drumming and playing bass, and am very easy to talk to and hang out with and just looking for someone to hang out a bit with :)

Would also love to jam with someone on drums 🔥🥁

Planning on hitting up either The Riff, Base Bar or On The Rocks since they got couple gigs today, goth postpunk something

29 year old human specimen with testicles that grew up in Portugal and lives in Berlin 🧙‍♂️

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Question Recommended art supplies store in Helsinki or online


Hello everyone,

Back home, I had recently picked up watercolor painting as a hobby, and I didnt bring any of my supplies when I moved. Now that Im settled here I would like to know if there are any particular stores that are recommended for a beginner. Im not looking for professional costly supplies.

Otherwise if you think it would be better ordering online, does anyone know a good website?


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Question Independence day! Bars?



I want to know if people go today Monday to bars because tomorrow is independence day and it's holidays. I would expect there are more people outside but what do you think? It's worth to go out tonight with my friends?


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Image Kallion kirjasto

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Housing / Living Muuttaminen Helsinkiin


Moi! Mulla ois tarkotus muuttaa toukokuun lopulla Helsinkiin ensimmäistä kertaa. Ois mukava löytää kiva kaksio/kolmio jostain merenrannalta tai merinäköalalla varustettuna. Onko suosituksia joistain tietyistä alueista? Budjetti noin ~2700e/kk. Riittääköhän tuo edes?😅

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Question What's fun for western tourists in Helsinki?


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Image Hotelli Torni

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Question Celiac friendly restaurants


Hello! Do you know of any restaurants around Helsinki with truly celiac friendly gluten free options? IE separate equipment and taking care of the risk of cross contamination etc?

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Question Best Fitness24Seven Branches in Helsinki


Hello everyone I took up the black Friday offer of Fitness24Seven but the nearest branch from me is not that great. I was wondering what are the top like 3-5 branches so I can see if anyone is near me?

Thank you