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Discussion Actual tier list for phase 2 - play what you want kings it's a 15 year old video game

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Discussion Anyone that thinks Ulduar will be difficult is in for a big surprise...


Here is a Method video for a Naxxramas 25 from original Wrath.

Check the DPS meter as Patchwerk is dying. It's hard to make out but the top player is a ~6.4k fury warrior (lol). Most everyone else is high to middle 5s.

Here is a screenshot of the top 6 DPS at the same point on Patchwerk from my random guild of much less sweaty players from the other day.

The DPS being done now is much, much higher than it was originally. This is not even taking into account the average skill level of players now being much higher, or the fact that Ulduar gear is being buffed.

We are not playing the same game that was being played in 2008-2010.

Ulduar is going to absolutely melt in the face of modern DPS, and with the buffed gear drops it will become a Naxxramas style loot pinata within a week or 2 of release.

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Discussion Blizz could consider adding cross-realm dungeon finder (for all dungs except Northrend) so people can level alts through dungeons and find groups easily


A lot of realms are struggling on lower level dungeons to find people, this would likely solve that and would not affect the "but muh immersion" crowd much as they are in Northrend

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Discussion You may not like it, but this is what p1 performance looks like.

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Discussion Ninja Loot BoE


I was tanking a daily CoS run and we got Je’Tze’s Bell (Bind on Equip) drop. I told everyone to roll need so nobody gets stuffed. I won with a 98. Healer starts yelling that I’m an “F*cking ninja looter”. I understand it’s a pre-raid BIS, but we are almost on phase 2. It was my understanding that everyone rolls need for BoE. It’s currently selling for almost 3k on the AH. Am I the asshole for not giving it to him?

Edit: I am not selling it on the AH. I just stated the current lowest AH price for the item on my realm.

Edit 2: Thanks for all the opinions and back and forth. The one idea that makes the most sense to me is that BoE’s have the same value to everyone in the group. It’s valuable to the person who can use the item, but it’s also useful to the person who can sell the item and buy another useful BoE for their specific class. I’m confident and happy in my decision for everyone to need on the trinket and will do so again in the future, win or lose.

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Discussion What are your biggest issues with wotlk classic so far?


Trying to gauge how people feel. I’ve been enjoying the expansion so far but my biggest issue is lack of arena participation and bad pugs. How about you guys?

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Discussion Why nerf Indestructible Potion but not flame cap? Flame cap should share the same cooldown with other potions.



It is extremely clunky that on one hand Warrior/DK are getting their second potion nerfed from WoTLK, but on the other hand Mage/Lock are preparing for going into Ulduar by farming their second "potion" from TBC.

Indestructible potions used accessible WoTLK mats, you could get alchemy procs, they were incredibly cheap to make.

Flame cap is a niche herbalism item from a previous expansion which now has less layers to farm on, doesn't benefit from alchemy, and is already up to 50g each on some servers.

They are roughly just as impactful as well to raid performance 80 SP vs 96AP.

Why nerf one but not the other?

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Discussion An alternative to ret spec: Ghoul Spec


We've found by having our ret players die and then be risen as a ghoul by DK's, they are actually able to do more dps than as rets! Looking forward to seeing some more dedicated ghoul players.

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Discussion What are peoples thoughts on making 310% flight speed trainable to all mounts if you own a 310% mount?


It's horribly depressing that the dragonhawk from owning 100 mounts is literally slower than the plagued proto, or having to feel like you're gimping yourself just for using your favorite 280% flying mount if you like it better aesthetically.

I heard that this is a QoL they add in a later expansion (cata?), and I really feel like it would be a good option/gold sink for us to have.

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Discussion Finally found the culprit for terrible performance in 25man


After going through every "guide" I could find and tweaking all graphics settings, disabling addons left and right and switching religion mutliple times I finally found the culprit. For me it was Elvui..yes I know I said i disabled addons, but I thought I couldn't live without Elvui.

Turns out I have to: My fps went from 30-40 + micro stutters in Naxx 25 boss encounters instantly to 80-100 with no stutters at all. And I even got to turn graphic settings (almost) all the way back up again.

(All Addons, Drivers, Bios and Elvui are up-to-date)

I'm honestly blown away because ofc I knew Elvui is a big addon and has great impact on performance but I never thought it could be this dramatic.

Edit: Obviously I'm not saying ElvUi is generally bad and that I found the one true answer for everyone having performance problems in 25 man raids. I just wanted to share what worked for me on my machine. If you are having fps problems and / or stutters and you are not using Elvui here is a list of tips you can try: https://www.reddit.com/r/classicwow/comments/yrh960/comment/ivtpf8m/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
Also: Try disabling / removing all addons (even those you think you can't live without) and enabling one by one if the problem goes away.

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Discussion What do wow classic wotlk players think about regular retail wow?


Question for classic players: What do you think of regular retail wow?

I have 3 friends who play wow. They all play wrath classic and they all hate regular retail. They say the questing and end game isn't fun. But I'm wanting to get more opinions so what's your guy's opinions on it? Please be as detailed as you can. I'm just trying to see if it's even worth my time to get a max level character in it. Or if I should just stick with wrath.

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Discussion Favorite/least favorite quests in Northrend?


My least favorites are the "capture 10 hawks" in howling fjord and the "rescue 10 fleeing villagers" in dragonblight. There was also one where you use a group of dwarves in storm peaks to help you kill elites, but it's horribly clunky and frustrating.

What about you guys?

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Discussion Wrath Arena officially has lower participation than TBC



I posted this over at r/worldofpvp as well.

But we're at the point now where Wrath PvP has reached insanely low levels of deflation to the point where 1100 - 1200 bracket is filled with insanely hard meta comps and 1500 - 1600 range is where people start fighting R1s and streamers.

The biggest mistakes they made was using Retail Rating and dropping everyone to 0 and then locking all the gear behind rating, this killed a lot of incentive imo for casuals to want to play and grind for gear.

As it stands currently, over 65% of Arena players can't even access the basic off pieces.

I'm not sure how Blizzard can fix this issue if they can at all, but it's not looking good for Wrath Arena scene at all and I predict it'll only start dropping further as the weeks go by.

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Discussion What’s your least favorite dungeon and why is it The Oculus?



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Discussion Not so toxic after all: I recently ran my first 25 man raid and my worries and struggles about a toxic endgame community were absolved.


I've shared my experiences with toxicity in the endgame portion of this game that really surprised and depressed me since I reached level cap...I had party members complain and shit talk me after wiping on Loken in heroic HoL & other players berated me (even shit talking me in private messages after the dungeon) for incorrectly pulling a boss in Naxx 10.

Granted I've gotten better, but a lot of people threw nasty insults at me, forcibly took the tanking reins from me without asking, and generally berated me for not being able to faceroll endgame content the moment I hit 80.

So I almost didn't bother joining a Naxx 25 group for the first time the other day. I didn't want to deal with the insults, and, despite improving, I felt that raiding and endgame content just wasn't for me.

But I could not have been more wrong.

This group was so friendly and chill and patient. They needed someone to hop between healing and tanking on certain bosses and I could because I invested in dual spec and made a habit of carrying two sets of gear with me at all times. And despite my relative inexperience and not stellar GS (good, but not great) they were thrilled I could help out. Instead of feeling like dead weight...I actually felt appreciated.

And they were nice! And generous. Apparently this Naxx 25 was one in which they auction off gear drops rather than rolling on them. Bidding in dungeon. I didn't know the lingo so going in I didn't know this was the case. On principle I didn't love the idea but I didn't mind terribly, either. They were patient in explaining the system as I bid for my first piece of gear. THEN I realized I didn't have enough gold for the minimum bid on a second piece and one of the leaders just gave me the gold necessary to bid without my even asking. AND THEN when a third piece dropped and nobody bid on it they just gave the gear to me no questions asked (again, without my asking at all).

We wiped a couple of times but nobody was impatient or upset or rude. I even received a couple compliments on my performance as it was my first time in Naxx 25 and I was pulling my weight admirably.

It was a blast. I think I'm finally on board with the endgame: this is great. And it's such a relief to learn that there ARE good players out there. Lots of them!

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Discussion Why nobody is answering the tickets

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Discussion PTR Notes for Uldar Pre Nefted


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Discussion What are you favourite content creators for WOTLK classic?


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Discussion It’s been about 90 days since WOTLK fresh server release. How are they now?


primarily curious about the US servers*

Were you a tourist who quit as soon as the hype wore down?

Did Fresh meet all your expectations and more? (If we all remember all the posts about Fresh vs vintage many months ago)

Do you expect a resurgence of players as we go through ulduar and ICC? Or are they potentially doomed like SOM servers.

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Discussion AITA for not inviting someone that doesnt speak my language?


Context: Created a raid for T7 Worldtour and someone hit me up on discord and wanted to join. But im playing on a german server and all he could do was speak english. Told him "Sorry but ill only bring raiders that are capable of understanding my raid calls. And im not going to raidlead in english only to cater to a single person over 24 others." -> Got flamed for being a racicst and toxic fuck so i put him on ignore. Am I in the wrong here? I dont care where this guy is from or what colour his skin is etc. But being abled to understand raid calls isnt to much to ask for right? f

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Discussion What gear score should I aim for to get invited to Ulduar 10 man in Phase 2?


I mainly do 10 mans, so I have a mix of 200 epics and 213 from valor emblems, close to 4K gear score. Good enough for Ulduar 10 when it comes out?

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Discussion No wonder WOTLK had peak player base


The raids are fun, 10 man for goofy social while still needing to pay attention, 25 for some challenge. I imagine it as more challenging back in the day. PVP is easy to get into. You can easily farm gear and just do stuff on multiple characters, now even more with enchants/flying tome being account wide. Characters are fun, not complex like MoP but not braindead like TBC. Most classes are balanced with few outliers. There are no CHORES in the game. Like its actually a fun game.

I can see how Cata was just too hard for all these players who loved WOTLK. My only gripe is removal of progressive raiding but maybe that's actually good for the game. Also fix WG lag and pet hp bug, thanks.

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Discussion What pre-launch predictions turned out to be 100% true and which ones turned out to be complete nonsense?


Warriors truly are the worst DPS in phase 1 and unlike TBC, no amount of fight club sweat-crafting has been able to change that.

Feral druids on the other hand were predicted to be a lot stronger in phase 1 than they turned out to be.

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Discussion Naxx 10/25 Metas Still Have Rewards on PTR

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Discussion Currently only the top ~2% of arena players meet the rating requirements to purchase 5/5 deadly. Top 10% can barely achieve 3/5


This is more or less a PSA about the current state of wotlk arena. I'm unsure how accurate these sites are but they seem rather consistent. Currently you need to be in the top 10% of players to break 1600 in 2s, and you need to be almost glad to buy the helm/shoulders in any bracket. Even in the most inflated bracket (3s) you essentially need to achieve duelist (top 3%) to just get your weapon/sigils. in my opinion this is a little ridiculous

Wotlk leaderboard with cutoffs: https://ironforge.pro/pvp/leaderboards/US/3/?


Blue post about rank distribution: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/bringing-arena-pvp-to-wrath-classic/1290891

EDIT: Woke up this morning to a ton of people completely missing the point. Not being able to achieve 5/5 isn't a big deal if no one else in your bracket can either. This is just showing how bad rating deflation is in wrath classic. Normally 1500 is a pretty average rating, but in Wotlk it's top 20%