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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/Quinten_MC Sep 23 '22

You've gotten his origin story, now let me tell you why he has fans.

He keeps talking about how women are objects, they belong in the kitchen, a woman's job is to please her man, etc.


u/NPC_86753091 Sep 23 '22

Tate is an unoriginal Beta male who bases his opinions due to his narccasistic personality. Yet, he points out a few undeniable facts. But, to be clear that guy is a disturbed individual. However, he thinks women are objects because women have allowed themselves to be marketing tools.


u/Dolphinsunset1007 Sep 23 '22

If you think he points out “undeniable facts” and that he can treat women as objects because they “allowed themselves to be marketing tools” you may be more similar to Tate than you’d like to admit. Women are allowed to make mutually beneficial business deals without giving up their complete agency as people. It’s not hard.


u/Gozillasbday Sep 23 '22

What are these undeniable facts?