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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/-WhiteOleander Sep 23 '22

A friend of mine, a gorgeous guy (conventionally very attractive) who is also very nice and sweet and has always had girlfriends became a Tate fan recently when his girlfriend cheated on him. It's sad. He's still nice as a friend but I've definitely noticed a change.


u/ConnieLingus24 Sep 23 '22

Yeah, but he’s sounds pretty shitty to half the population.


u/ResponsibleAd3652 Sep 23 '22

Yikes. I feel bad for him, he definitely needs to get help


u/techn9neiskod Sep 23 '22

The good thing here is you get to see where it begins directly. Hopefully your friend is smart enough to ignore the abhorrent pieces of quips from Tate and recognize the few good ones.


u/kagy4ka Sep 23 '22

Personally I don't hate Tate, he is the force that equates bullshit from the side of pronouns, gender crap, BLM, "feminism"(the one that could be seen by coloured armpit hair, hating men and dissapears once the drafting to the army is struck, not the Iranian feminism I admire endlessly). He equates it with his very own bullshit, but hey it's all good at least as an opposition in libertian country, isn't it?


u/Inthealpine_1238929 Sep 23 '22

Your friend had a girlfriend cheat on him and you act like he is the problem. Perhaps there is a reason Tate has a growing fan base.