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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/WhyIsThatOnMyCat Sep 23 '22


yeet even someone like Lucy Couture. Piss off. You get it on small YouTube channels like Camp Wanakiki. The queer community is laser fast when problematic behavior shows up.

Meanwhile....Trump, the old adult diaper man walking into teens changing at his gross beauty pageant, and bragging about it. It increases his support.

Fuck the conservatives. Lying assholes.


u/xSARGEx117x Sep 23 '22

Don't forget openly admitting to sexual assault, alluding to rape, and outright saying he wants to fuck his own daughter.

And I know of at LEAST two church friends of my parents who not only agreed they would fuck his daughter, but they'd fuck their own if they "could get away with it". Pro-tip. If you're gonna talk like that in a church bathroom, make sure there aren't any poopers.