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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/noteven1221 Sep 23 '22

Appreciate hearing that. In the early 80s it was a very different scene.


u/Tdanger78 Sep 23 '22

It was still like that to a degree in the 90s. If you were combat arms you still had to be careful because there was a chance it wouldn’t go well for you.


u/Winter-Channel-3849 Sep 23 '22

Clinton signed don't ask, don't tell into law. American service members could get chaptered for being openly gay up until 2011.


u/RGC-WHISKEYY Sep 23 '22

I will never forget when it lifted. We had this black Chief that talked in a deep voice and his life outside of work was an utter mystery. He came in that day and I swear rainbows and butterflies followed him. I mean full on sitcom gay and it was absolutely glorious. Cracked me up all the people that swore by the man suddenly wrestling with inner demons and confliction. Not a single person dared say anything against him. Not because of him but because they knew the rest of us would stick up for him no matter what. Miss that man that and my other bear friend that was the best wingman a straight guy could ask for and taught me the secrets of massages. Funnily enough I learned more life lessons in the navy from my gay shipmates then anyone else 😂