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Who makes you feel unsafe?


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u/clemkaddidlehopper Sep 23 '22 Silver Take My Energy

I get what this person is intending, but I also feel like this is a little bit white knighting, infantilizing, and condescending. Trans and gay people are human too, and not all of them are nice or “safe.” There are some better and some worse individuals within these groups, just like with all groups of people.

There are some people — straight conservative Christian men, even — who may have values and priorities that vary vastly from my own, yet they may not be “unsafe” towards me.

I have been sexually harassed by a gay woman, for example. I didn’t come away from that experience thinking all gay women are bad — she was just a bad egg.

I have had plenty — many more — bad experiences with men who consider themselves to be straight conservative Christians as well, but I have also known some of these types of people who genuinely tried to love others the way they think God or Christ would.

I am an atheist who dislikes religion and the oppression that comes from it. I think forcing Christian conservative values on others in our society is misguided and toxic. However, I also don’t think it is healthy to put gay and trans people on a pedestal. If we want people to treat LGBTQ+ folks as human beings, we need to allow them to be imperfect .


u/PlanOk2801 Sep 23 '22

Thank you for believing there are good Christians out there, I know this thread is mostly about white Christian conservative men but I can’t help but to think some of the comments are just directly about Christians and when I read that some people on this thread would hate me in real life simply because I am Christian even though I’m neither white nor straight nor conservative, it kinda does hurt, I tend to stay away from these type of threads because I know I’ll see comments like “I hate Christians” or “Christians should just die” and I get hurt pretty easily (sadly). I just simply try to be a better person every day and love people like God says we should, but anyways I just wanted to comment and say thank you for your positive msg ❤️