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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/tarabithia22 Sep 23 '22

Not intending to compete or hijack because I fully agree so much. If I may add also, hopefully without being ripped apart, because this is a good comment to add to is all, and not to detract at all from the importance of your point, there are so many religious women molesting girls too (and boys). It isn't discussed enough.

Most girls I know growing up including myself in christianity had women in the church groom or molest them. Or groom them on behalf of a man. I think boys being molested by women is discussed even less so.


u/Plasma_Cosmo_9977 Sep 23 '22

Strange set of circumstances, I can't begin to explain. But it's happening. And everyone is so quiet.


u/Plasma_Cosmo_9977 Sep 24 '22

You are not a hijacker, just take care of those close to you. Be well