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Who makes you feel unsafe?


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u/Ok_Island_1306 Sep 23 '22

I got into a drunken conversation with someone I met at a friends house a few weeks ago, he was VERY drunk. He kept referring to us both as alpha males. It made me rather uncomfortable and honestly he didn’t seem very alpha to me. I’ve never considered myself an alpha male


u/JGauth13 Sep 23 '22

The whole alpha and beta thing is ridiculous - it’s a good thing that that convo made you uncomfortable…it means that you’re a normal human that doesn’t have to feel superior or create some fucked up testosterone fueled hierarchy to validate yourself


u/itsadesertplant Sep 23 '22

It’s also incorrect, and the scientist who came up with it admitted as such. Wolves forced in enclosures who don’t know each other exhibit unnatural behaviors, while wolves in the wild are typically in cooperative family groups without such a strict hierarchy. But “alpha” and “beta” mythology lives on


u/JGauth13 Sep 23 '22

Thank you for saying this - I read about that recently and it’s my favorite thing to bring up whenever the “alpha” and “beta” words start flying - you can actually see they “alpha’s” brain break when you tell them 🤣