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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/SinVerguenza04 Sep 23 '22

Amen. Gay and trans people are being themselves. You don’t find that energy in straight Christian men.


u/ManOfEating Sep 23 '22

That's because a lot of their religion is based around not being yourself or you'll go to hell.


u/peggles727 Sep 23 '22 Take My Energy

I like to tell them Jesus died for my sins and if I don't sin then he died for nothing. My strong morals and my fear of going to prison are what I rely on, not a book written by bunch of dead people trying to understand what we consider basic science today.


u/ManOfEating Sep 23 '22

Thats actually what Rasputin said to the Russian nobility in order to do orgies lol. If you don't sin, he died for nothing, and in sinning, his sacrifice brings you closer to him, so the more you sin and repent, the closer you are to him and god, and that he died for us to be happy indulging in our humanly desires and pleasures. Go and fulfill your true potential, have orgies with rich people.


u/foolishDoughnut Sep 23 '22

My not-to-long-ago ancestors fled Russia during the revolution. We can’t find many precise details on them, but I wonder what they thought about this dude.


u/Miss_Smokahontas Sep 23 '22

That Rasputin was.... something else


u/hamnat487 Sep 23 '22

OHhhhhh, those Russians....


u/rooftopfilth Sep 23 '22

Man “Anastasia” the movie really did him dirty…can’t believe they had a team of 6yo American girls rooting for the Russian oligarchy


u/Hammaneggs Sep 23 '22

That makes so much sense of the third stanza of the song about him!


u/Inner-Occasion-6717 Sep 23 '22

Rasputin, truly a cat that really was gone