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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/rootbeerman77 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

We didn't ask first so it's okay for them to tell

Edit: I've been lawyered into withdrawing my affirmation. How dare you!


u/No-Welcome9711 Sep 23 '22

It's not called "don't ask, do tell" though


u/rootbeerman77 Sep 23 '22

Touché... I withdraw my affirmation and have edited my comment


u/fryswitdat Sep 23 '22

I think it should be called "Touche, do tell though".


u/jedileo7 Sep 23 '22

Underappreciated comment


u/Haaa_penis Sep 23 '22

How about Touché my tushy and tell others who are down.


u/psych-eek Sep 23 '22

Username def Checks out


u/Haaa_penis Sep 23 '22

Not me, you provincial putz (totally kidding - you’re not a putz). I was putting myself in the shoes of soldiers who happen to be gay and had to fight for a country that largely hates them. I know minor shifts have happened in the name of progress, but how about Brass having some fucking balls and throwing these belligerent, phobic, hateful (and let’s not forget interested in being plugged themselves) in the brig where they will get precisely what they want.

Know what I mean? Hatred of anyone or anything is definitely unbecoming of a soldier. How is it that Ukraine knows this and the US still doesn’t?