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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/noteven1221 Sep 23 '22

Appreciate hearing that. In the early 80s it was a very different scene.


u/Tdanger78 Sep 23 '22

It was still like that to a degree in the 90s. If you were combat arms you still had to be careful because there was a chance it wouldn’t go well for you.


u/Winter-Channel-3849 Sep 23 '22

Clinton signed don't ask, don't tell into law. American service members could get chaptered for being openly gay up until 2011.


u/Tdanger78 Sep 23 '22

They could get chaptered but that doesn’t mean their fellow soldiers wouldn’t beat the shit out of them. Infantry were especially bad about that.

Edit: had to fix autocorrects


u/Winter-Channel-3849 Sep 23 '22

I only knew 1 openly gay soldier in the 6 years I was in the Army. For the most part none of the soldiers he worked with cared. The issue I had with him was that he avoided doing physical work.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22 Wholesome

The issue I had with him was that he avoided doing physical work.

Wow, gay soldiers are just like regular soldiers.


u/Winter-Channel-3849 Sep 23 '22

He was a bad soldier actually, but did enough to skate by.


u/hey_rowsdower Sep 23 '22

So he was a soldier?


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

to skate by.

Ah, a winter soldier


u/jaywally855 Sep 23 '22

Seriously. I was in the army about 14 years, six in the guard, eight on active duty. NCO, warrant officer, regular officer. Every minute of it in a combat arms branch. I likewise never saw anyone who was walking around having a problem with any gay person. I strongly suspect most of the people who virtue signal about such problems either have no clue what they are talking about, or themselves were a piece of shit while in the military and are trying to project themselves onto everyone else as well.


u/Si_the_chef Sep 23 '22

Joined the RAF in 97, homosexuality was illegal, I knew some guys who were..... "camp" but not gay, I think it was Oct/Nov 1999 it was legalised.... came back from detachment and my "Camp" friends were now openly gay,

They asked if I knew they were gay, I said yes you mincing Queens!!

I was asked why I didn't report them before,

I said then I'd have to find new friends.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

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u/TigerStripedDragon01 Sep 23 '22

Bullshit with your 'it didn't happen'. MAYBE it didn't happen AROUND YOU in YOUR specific case. Don't even try telling me it never happened ANYWHERE in the service. Code Red or Blanket Party or whatever other jargon you want to use for it, it happened. If CIVILIANS felt that way before going military, I can guarantee you that it DEFINITELY happened while those same bigoted asses were in the military. It's just that beat-downs for things like that were either unreported (Sir, he must have slipped and fallen down multiple staircases multiple times on different days...those boot prints prove it was the stairs.) or were entirely ignored. Remember the generation all those officers at the time came from.


u/Tdanger78 Sep 23 '22

That was your experience. Please, tell me how you speak for the entire military.


u/Grossegurke Sep 23 '22

Please tell me how you speak for the entire military? There was a policy of policing your own....but it was about the job and nothing else.


u/Tdanger78 Sep 23 '22

I was a MP. I dealt with a lot.


u/Grossegurke Sep 23 '22

Yeah....slandering an entire MOS based on a few interactions makes a lot of sense. I dealt with a few MP's myself....some I would not consider honorable....but I would not lump you all in the same boat.

There are assholes in every occupation.....this kind of stereotyping is decisive.


u/Tdanger78 Sep 23 '22

A few interactions? You think the infantry were angelic saints or something? I’m not slandering an entire MOS, I’m just stating facts as I and my fellow MPs experienced on multiple bases across the planet.


u/cantstopwontstopGME Sep 23 '22

You say as you speak for the entire military.. just in a way that fits the narrative so it’s okay. Fuck outta here


u/jaywally855 Sep 23 '22

Interesting. I spent about 14 years in the military, including six in the National Guard, as enlisted, warrant officer, and regular officer, and I never once saw any sign of what you’re talking about. But maybe you and your friends were just a bad group of people and you’re trying to project it on to everyone else.