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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/Atlas7674 Sep 23 '22

Bro I’m a guy and conservative Christian men make me feel uncomfortable too, it’s almost impressive how good they are at being creepy and hateful.


u/vishnubakthisaran Sep 23 '22

Same here. I’m a woman and they see me as some alien from Mars. They can’t even understand that there are other religions than Christianity out there. All they do is preach crap on how I’m committed sins and I need to surrender to Christ to be enlightened.

I would rather rot in hell than to accept that some dude would give me enlightenment and a spot in heaven.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

Or blame other minorities then them being worthless.

I’m a woman who works in like a 97% male dominated machine shop. I had this dumb friend say “oh well you were a diversity hire” uhh, I mean I had 4 years of experience and was a team leader, but it was only because I had a vagina. My dad agreed with him though and said “It might not be true but the idea breeds a lot of resentment that theyre not getting a fair shot.”

But look around at my machine shop, it’s a fucking OCEAN of white dudes, oh my oh my wow they’re so oppressed