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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/eun_vasillos Sep 23 '22

especially those self proclaimed alpha men. they take objectifying to the next level.


u/JGauth13 Sep 23 '22

As soon as the words “alpha male” come out of a man’s mouth I nope TF outta there - that’s literally all I need to know about them 🙄


u/Maebure83 Sep 23 '22

"My ego is overly inflated, fragile, and I treat everyone like shit."

That's how I translate it.


u/bobone77 Sep 23 '22

As a man, any man who calls himself an alpha certainly is not one.


u/Murica-n_Patriot Sep 23 '22

Declaring yourself “alpha male” is one of the weakest things I think any dude could say. It encapsulates every possible insecurity. And frankly, If you just have to say it then it’s probably not true…


u/TheWrenchman Sep 23 '22

Agreed. But it's also - it's not a thing.

Like I know everyone thinks it's a thing, and therefore it's sort of self-becomes a thing. Like the new modern definition of literally. 🤮

But if you look at humans, and now all the latest science and research into animals too, the concept of alpha is just outdated and wrong. Big surprise, everything is more complicated than some binary concept. We humans love are black or white distinctions but basically nothing works that way.


u/QweenOfTheDamned9 Sep 24 '22

Like saying you’re a”Good Christian “…back away slowly, do not make eye contact!


u/Twoshotsnasplash Oct 02 '22

Yes, Think Trump


u/NotAzakanAtAll Sep 23 '22

Expectation: "I am alpha."

Reality: "I hit my girlfriend."


u/Psychosomatic_Ennui Sep 23 '22

Also, I'm not racist... my girlfriend has two black eyes!


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

lol, but I do believe what they try to state is that they aren’t fickle-minded and can think for their own and are also leaders. But tbh, if you have to call urself as an alpha then that’s extremely cringy since actions speak louder than words. If u state that u are, you most likely aren’t cuz it would otherwise be deduced by ur behavior. Same goes with women that call themselves strong and independent as if those aren’t natural qualities we should strive to be, girlboss, girl power etc. these are the cringiest gendered adjectives


u/Character-Bus4557 Sep 23 '22

"Any man who must say, I am the King, is no true king. "

Except of course they have to say they are the alpha male, which is a fictional concept about how wolves structure their societies. Instead they are families.


u/cpohabc80 Sep 23 '22

obligatory: "any man who has to remind people he is king, is no king." Or some similar quote from that show I've never watched.


u/RealDuck2522 Sep 24 '22

Standing up for others who can not defend themselves in person or online get more brownie points. Most Alpha males care more about the gym and getting the most followers on Instagram and Twitter