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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/ManOfEating Sep 23 '22

That's because a lot of their religion is based around not being yourself or you'll go to hell.


u/FordBeeblebrox Sep 23 '22

They quite literally tell you to avoid even being near “worldly” things because it will eventually lead to you accepting them and *gasp maybe even trying yourself!


u/itgoesdownandup Sep 23 '22

I think that's valid in some way though. Staying clear of materialistic pursuits and stuff like that.


u/peggles727 Sep 23 '22 Take My Energy

I like to tell them Jesus died for my sins and if I don't sin then he died for nothing. My strong morals and my fear of going to prison are what I rely on, not a book written by bunch of dead people trying to understand what we consider basic science today.


u/ManOfEating Sep 23 '22

Thats actually what Rasputin said to the Russian nobility in order to do orgies lol. If you don't sin, he died for nothing, and in sinning, his sacrifice brings you closer to him, so the more you sin and repent, the closer you are to him and god, and that he died for us to be happy indulging in our humanly desires and pleasures. Go and fulfill your true potential, have orgies with rich people.


u/foolishDoughnut Sep 23 '22

My not-to-long-ago ancestors fled Russia during the revolution. We can’t find many precise details on them, but I wonder what they thought about this dude.


u/Miss_Smokahontas Sep 23 '22

That Rasputin was.... something else


u/hamnat487 Sep 23 '22

OHhhhhh, those Russians....


u/rooftopfilth Sep 23 '22

Man “Anastasia” the movie really did him dirty…can’t believe they had a team of 6yo American girls rooting for the Russian oligarchy


u/Hammaneggs Sep 23 '22

That makes so much sense of the third stanza of the song about him!


u/Inner-Occasion-6717 Sep 23 '22

Rasputin, truly a cat that really was gone



I mean you're not wrong in some aspects.

The law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more, Romans 5:20 NIV

I would read more into the chapter for full context if interested. It's dangerous to interpret text without knowing the intent behind it. Which I might add is one of the ways the most vile conservative "Christians" twist words and seed hatred.


u/Bouhg69 Sep 23 '22

Tbh - that always seemed like a bribe to me, "Behave yourself & devote your soul - cast away everything you hold dear & you will bask in the glorious light for all eternity." Like that's a reward - That's it?

Just hang around getting a sun tan forever - sounds boring.

I think of it all like this; life is short & can it be horrible sometimes.
Depending on the people you meet throughout it, reflects on what your reactions are DURING it - the hardest thing you'll ever do is to NOT let the crap change you for the worse.

The best thing you can do is realize this might be your only chance to make the best of a bad situation, care for somebody else & hopefully influence a person/people to pay a kindness forward - it can be a great feeling. I constantly get knocked down (figuratively) & I'm always wondering if I'm doing the right thing - but I get a flicker of joy when I find out my actions make a positive difference in somebody's day.


u/EngineExternal563 Sep 23 '22

Do Islam now please I'll wait....


u/CinnaByt3 Sep 23 '22

Just because we're currently talking about the problems with one religion doesn't mean we think the others are fine. Now are you going to actually contribute to the conversation or are you going to try more stupid gotcha questions?


u/JustAboutAlright Sep 23 '22

I would assume it’s similar as a non-believer I really don’t see much difference in hardcore Muslims or Christians. They pretty much want the same things.


u/Saturn_Coffee Sep 23 '22

Yeah. Only difference I can see is that the Muslims are only ignoring the line about treating women well. Meanwhile Christians are selective in their ignorance.


u/ManOfEating Sep 23 '22

Ok? You do know they believe in the same god right? They are extremely similar in many regards, and are both based around not doing certain things to gain the favor of god, so yes? Islam is also based on not being yourself. I'm still struggling to see your point? Like, congrats, you realized that these 2 religions based on the same god are similar, I guess?


u/ImCuteandSmall Sep 23 '22

B-b-b-but what about theeeeeeem!!!!!!?????