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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/LudovicoSpecs Sep 23 '22


When you want to just go dancing and not get harassed all night, you go to a gay bar. Just you, the music, and a bunch of men who will leave you alone.


u/MadAstrid Sep 23 '22

As a female teen one of the safest places to simply be - dancing, hanging out, shopping, drinking coffee, was in the gay part of town. Met great people sometimes, was never once pestered, never felt remotely unsafe. Lovely.

Second safest place was Tijuana, Mexico. In spite of the drinking, drug cartels and donkey shows, it was safer because navy personnel was not allowed to be over the border after sunset. All those good Christian swabbies who had never before left their home towns were no where to be seen. It was a huge relief.


u/BigJSunshine Sep 23 '22

I spent my thirties in the cocoon of my best friend’s group of friends and their community. I as their “ fruit fly”. I have never in all my life ever felt so safe, appreciated, loved and cared for than with those boys. They were my chrysalis, and without them I would have been lost.


u/NyxNoxKnicks Sep 23 '22

[“fruit fly”]

OMG! I love that, it’s adorable!


u/butreallythough1012 Sep 23 '22

That is beautiful


u/radiohoard Sep 23 '22

This straight male had an AMAZING time in Hillcrest last night


u/MadAstrid Sep 23 '22

Genuinely smiled when I read this. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself.