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Who makes you feel unsafe?

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u/DorShow Sep 23 '22 Take My Energy

As a gray haired old lady… this is very true of my experience.


u/mike_pants Sep 23 '22

As a straight, middle-aged man who enjoys makeup, it's not the LGBTQ Mafia that's hurling the F-word at me.


u/Beowulf1896 Sep 23 '22

Relabel make up as war paint. Fact, historically men wear face paint and make up. Did the 1800's not happen?


u/Beginning_Ball9475 Sep 23 '22

100%. Ever since I went bald and started wearing wigs to deal with the boredom of looking the exact same every day, I realized cosmetics for men are actually really fucking fun. I have a hard time believing that men find Khal Drogo or Kratos feminine for their makeup. I guess the solution is be so terrifyingly muscular that remarking negatively on the makeup doesn't seem like such a free lunch anymore.


u/PinoForest Sep 23 '22

did 90% of modern male celebrities not happen?


u/TemetNosce85 Sep 23 '22

"Men in makeup are preying on your kids!" - Says man in makeup while sitting in front of a news camera


u/Inthealpine_1238929 Sep 23 '22

I don't care what adults do in their free time, but the trend of involving children is not appropriate.


u/TemetNosce85 Sep 23 '22

What, that parents are letting their kids watch RuPaul and now the kids are excited to go see live shows?

Fuck off.


u/Beowulf1896 Sep 23 '22

It did, but I was remarking on more noticable makeup.


u/AlarmDozer Sep 23 '22

Every man on film, tv, and theater has a makeup artist even if it’s just them.

I, as a cishet man, was a test dummy for my ex’s makeup applications, and I didn’t mind it one bit.


u/trv318 Sep 23 '22

Any man who ever had a daughter whom he cared about has worn makeup. And there's literally nothing more heterosexual than being a father.


u/MPLooza Sep 23 '22

Did their "favorite" president not happen? Guy puts on clown makeup every time he's in public, do they pretend that unnatural orange glow is just his skin tone?


u/Beowulf1896 Sep 23 '22

Don the mon claims he doesn't wrar bronzer. It is so obvious.


u/SliverSerfer Sep 23 '22

As a Marine in the late 80's we wore camouflage facepaint. I got out in 91 and a year or 2 later this Marine Sargent was on nationwide news, came out as gay. Dude was hard as woodpecker lips, took no shit from anyone. Glad he could finally be himself.


u/cultured_banana_slug Sep 23 '22

One calls you Fabulous and the other... well.


Fabulous is better. <3


u/S4T4NICP4NIC Sep 23 '22

What about Fetch? Is that ever going to happen?


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

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u/Yarusenai Sep 23 '22

This comment is literally copied from further down. Seems like this is a bot


u/MediatorOfAcatalepsy Sep 23 '22

Thought it was called the alphabet mafia?


u/exarkann Sep 23 '22

Where I live they will use that word but in the most affectionate way they can, loudly and with much sass.


u/The_Yarichin_Bitch Sep 23 '22

And if we do, it's out of love and not because we wish you'd redacted


u/selkiesidhe Sep 23 '22

Korean men rock the makeup and look gorgeous. Nothing wrong with wanting to look good.


u/misfitx Sep 24 '22

I still remember learning that the F word was a slur and not just a bundle of sticks. So deeply disappointed in humanity.