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WCGW touching the barrel of a gun at a shooting range

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u/contrarianbynature Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 24 '22

Maybe I’m missing something, but it didn’t even look like she hit the target.

Edit: alright people I get it, derringer is only effective in very close proximity. No need to reply telling me that, about 50 other people already have. I was just referencing the fact that she mimicked blowing the smoke off the barrel like she was hot shit, when it didn’t look like she hit anything.


u/izmaname Sep 23 '22

Honestly that is quite the range for a short barrel pistol with that much recoil. I’m not surprised she missed.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22



u/KingBrinell Sep 23 '22

My dad always called those necktie pistols. As you have to grab the guy by the necktie in order to be close enough. Fun to shoot but super inaccurate.