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WCGW touching the barrel of a gun at a shooting range

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u/Potato-Demon Sep 22 '22

Where’s her ear protection?!


u/LurkersGoneLurk Sep 23 '22

I shot a .44 magnum without ear protection. Outside. I thought someone hit me in the head with a bat.


u/Corsavis Sep 23 '22

Always makes me laugh in movies when someone pulls out a .44 or .357 or something, indoors, blams a couple dudes in the elevator, and walks out without blood pouring from their ears

"We've gotta run!"



u/ShelSilverstain Sep 23 '22

The people who buy large caliber handguns, or even AR variants, for home defense think their TV is worth more than their hearing


u/Keudn883 Sep 23 '22

Nah, the best is this clip from that Doomsday Prepper show which was full of nothing but lunatics. These guys fire high powered rifles in a confined space and hilarity ensues:


Best part of this show is how many of these preppers believed in crazy end of world scenarios but only like one or two of them were focused on an actual pandemic.


u/the_potato_of_doom Sep 25 '22

only show I know to account for this is archer were all the characters have terrible tinnitus and have to shout things at eacher like 3 times in a row by the end of it


u/ModsDontLift Sep 23 '22

"Target acquired, Tom" makes me cringe every time


u/Myattemptatlogic Oct 14 '22

Lmao no shit it's acquired, it's stationary


u/JamesCodaCoIa Sep 23 '22

/u/ChaseShep77, I've got a TV proposal for you...


u/TOYPAJ_Yellow_15 Sep 23 '22

Actual smart preppers would never go on a show like that anyway though, is kind of the issue.

Like, preppers typically don't advertise or ever show off that they ARE preppers. Most of their friends and family don't even know. These guys are idiots AND vain, like congrats if SHTF everyone who watches the show knows where you are.

I'm not a prepper per-se, I'm prepared but not OCD levels. I've got a box of candles, some ceramic armor and soft armor, and a reserve 48pk of toilet paper and two 32pks of water. I keep two bags of dog food ready for my pups and that's it. I'm willing to bet most people would be fine for a week.

Plus, for these guys, if you're going to LARP as a fucking survivalist you'd think the gym would be a part of that too. These guys are just side-mission loot drops if things actually capped off lmao


u/MatureUsername69 Sep 23 '22

I'm dying at your prep stash being candles, armor, toilet paper, and dog food. "What about the stuff you need to live?" "That's what the armor is for"


u/TOYPAJ_Yellow_15 Sep 25 '22

I'm 6'5", all body armor is doing for me in a scenario like this is ensuring a bleed out slower, tbh.

But yeah I have more stuff obviously, I always have enough food to last about two weeks but it's not prepper adjacent it's just I don't let my food get too low, so it didn't seem relevant lol.


u/-FeistyRabbitSauce- Sep 23 '22

The armor just seems so extreme next to the candles and the tp lol


u/TOYPAJ_Yellow_15 Sep 25 '22

The body armor is because I go to a lot of protests, it's not specifically for not dying in an emergency just me and my fiance are pretty political lmao

And as far as food, I've always got a fuck ton of beans and corn and rice for some reason. Like, we always end up with food we have NEVER eaten in our house somehow and I don't understand it, but I've also been an IF nerd and have done extended fasts. I've gone two weeks on snake oil and have the stuff to make it, my fiance is the only one who I worry about. If we don't have help within like a week shit is fucked beyond the amount I care to live through anyway, given it's not a natural disaster. But a natural disaster bad enough to do that is 99/100 forewarned and we would leave, so this is for the hypothetical somebody did some fuckery/boogaloo boys are trying to take out the ABC 3 and we're eating more of a shit sandwich than I want to endure.

Also, I have a ratty ass M&P Shield that my dumbass picked up in .40 so economically it's probably more cost effective to just throw the gun at somebody than actually shoot them.

And if SHTF bad enough, I have a giant red crowbar and I'm prone to long bouts of silence IRL.


u/Mikeisright Sep 23 '22

To their credit, every dog owner knows they themselves would be fine with missing a few meals, but mutiny would ensue if your dog's bowl was empty for more than a few hours after their scheduled feed time lol


u/Fisticus1 Sep 23 '22

I call BS. There aren’t cats we’re talking about here. Cats without food, now that scares me.


u/MatureUsername69 Sep 23 '22

Yeah my cat is so specific about what she'll eat. In a real doomsday scenario I could feed my dog whatever I'm eating. That said I would still get extra dog food in a doomsday scenario.


u/Fun_Acanthisitta1399 Sep 23 '22



u/Hampamatta Sep 23 '22

Mawp, mawp, mawp.


u/Corsavis Sep 23 '22