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WCGW touching the barrel of a gun at a shooting range

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u/DefNotMyNSFWLogin Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Yeah, I'll admit when I was going through combat school at 19, I wasn't that worried about all that non-sense.

I would use my vest to prop up nicely in the bleachers in-between shooting, and be able to sleep through 40 m4's shooting at once with no protection. Gotta be able to be hear when it's your turn to shoot again haha.

Luckily my tinnitus is pretty moderate.


u/kookyabird Sep 23 '22

For now... I had mild tinnitus from god knows what. Did a trial run of an SSRI and it made it worse. It has not gone back to previous levels. There's a whole world of soft sounds that are now hidden to me.

I've always worn ear pro when at the range. Doubling up for the big guns or indoor ranges. Worn it while working with loud power tools. Not gone to crazy loud concerts. Fucking sucks.


u/DefNotMyNSFWLogin Sep 24 '22

Yeah, I usually always wore protection as well. I was also a Seabee, so I also worked with a lot of power tools and heavy equipment, on top of the guns.

Not sure exactly when it started, it just kinda snuck up on me. It was before I got out though. Got the service connected disability for it, among other things.