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WCGW touching the barrel of a gun at a shooting range

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u/Kasaurus96 Sep 23 '22

This was a much tamer video than the other one that was on the front page earlier of the guy who shot straight through his hand...was waiting for something like that to happen, but was amused by the "uhhhaaa" at the end.


u/spacesheep_000 16d ago

Got a link?


u/kermie_the_comie Oct 09 '22

Can I get a link


u/WESSAMGO Sep 23 '22

Comment got removed for being too short this is me asking for the link please in a longer sentence that would comply with the wcgw subreddit automated comment removing tool


u/Gpdiablo21 Sep 23 '22

Saw that one. Total idiot...if you are going to shoot two pistols...squarely side-by-side all the way


u/Yasin3112 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 24 '22

Ah the arab dude who completely obliterated his hand in front of his family while trying to show off his gun? Yeah I‘ve seen that lol


u/__semicolon 15d ago

Link it bro!


u/Shot_Capital_7788 Oct 06 '22

He wasn’t an Arab. Was from Pakistan probably


u/SPLegendz Oct 02 '22

He is not Arab at all - what gave you that impression?

Maybe Indian, Pakistani or Afghani but nothing about his attire says he is Arab. Is it easier to demonise a person by stating they are an Arab, just fits better with your stereotype of what an arab looks like and how they behave?

Why add a nationality as a descriptive festure if you dont know it's true?


u/BlakeCarConstruction Sep 30 '22

I need to see this video!! Where is it?


u/Starfire-Galaxy Sep 24 '22

Arab is the identity, Arabic is the language


u/Yasin3112 Sep 24 '22

Good to know, thanks!