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WCGW touching the barrel of a gun at a shooting range

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u/Potato-Demon Sep 22 '22

Where’s her ear protection?!


u/LurkersGoneLurk Sep 23 '22

I shot a .44 magnum without ear protection. Outside. I thought someone hit me in the head with a bat.


u/Its_Than_Idiot Sep 23 '22

I once fired 3 shots out of a ported 3" .357 at a rabid coyote. Afterwards I wished I'd just let the coyote get me.


u/LurkersGoneLurk Sep 23 '22

We were at a buddy’s farm when I gang banged my head with that .44.

Got to shoot a suppressed .22. That’s more my style.

And I think I was 0-12 on clays.


u/Its_Than_Idiot Sep 23 '22

Whoever let you shoot that 44 without ear pro was kind of a knob, haha.


u/MisterDonkey Sep 23 '22

My uncle was like that. Let us shoot rifles without ear muffs. Dick move.

Pretty sure it did some permanent damage.


u/LurkersGoneLurk Sep 23 '22

I’m sure I was being “tough”.