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WCGW touching the barrel of a gun at a shooting range

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u/AageKush Sep 22 '22

So much wrong.

The barrel is pointing at her gut/chest when it's 'holstered'. Insufficient ear protection. Flagging other people around her.

What an absolute menace.


u/mnbvcxz123 Sep 22 '22

What does flagging mean?


u/AageKush Sep 22 '22

Pointing the barrel at someone.

A very important safety precaution.

She's clearly a novice, because most people at a gun range will give you an earful you'll never forget if you flag them. Which is perfectly reasonable.


u/ZorkNemesis Sep 23 '22

I had to do firearms training as part of basic training for the Navy. They called it "breaking blue" if you pointed your gun anywhere that wasn't down range and they would outright tackle you if you tried.