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WCGW touching the barrel of a gun at a shooting range

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u/prinzsascha Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

I think those are Ray-Ban Olympians. Saw them while I was ordering my replacement pair of aviators, but yeah they look ridiculous. Perfect sunglasses for wannabe "athletes".


u/Electroreceptor Sep 23 '22

They’re not Rayban Olympians according to a quick search


u/Steelyphil43 Sep 23 '22

My grandpa has the same pair! His comes with a cool stick too. 👨‍🦯😎


u/SkullRunner Sep 23 '22

All those style of glasses work like this...

Are you an Pro baseball fielder? No... THEN THESE ARE NOT FOR YOU.


u/BanUbiquitousPlastic Sep 23 '22

Idk man those glasses work really well who cares about what they’re made for. Covid fucked up my vision and everything looks way too bright now so glasses with really wide coverage is perfect for me.


u/my_pickle_tickles Sep 23 '22

Not sure why people even buy ray ban now that they got bought out and absolutely suck ass


u/pieremaan Sep 23 '22

Ray-Ban Olympian III comes close to them, but its a bit different then the ones she wears (the bar/temples have a different pattern).

The bar continuing into the temples resembles the wreath that olympian sporters used to wear in Ancient Greece.

Still looks stupid and more like an extra monobrown to me


u/purplegrog Sep 23 '22

Perfect sunglasses for wannabe "athletes".

in fairness, IIRC they were en vogue amongst runners in the 96 olympics.


u/hyper-arrow Sep 23 '22

Jot rayban olymians those look like budget pit vipers to me


u/Complete-Arm6658 Sep 23 '22

Or wannabe rich Russian women evidently. I only assume Russian.


u/Lipziger Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Anyone who has Ray-Bans deserves my utmost disrespect. No matter the model. sunglasses that don't even offer good UV protection, made for cents and sold for gigantic margins ... Nothing about them is good and no one should give them money.


u/Cingetorix Sep 23 '22

It's also useful for eye protection. The bigger the better.


u/R1CHQK Sep 23 '22

I'm glad to see a fellow aviators enjoyer. I too have a pair or Ray-Ban aviators I also got as a replacement for my current aviators, mine are prescription though😂


u/prinzsascha Sep 23 '22

Yeah mine are just the classic polarized, I wear contacts lol. I really liked my old pair and this new pair as well. My old ones are 8 years old, scratched to hell, and have chips out of the frame, but they survived a couple hundred drops on pavement and I only ordered my new ones after a final drop popped out one of the lenses (surprisingly loud btw). Was able to pop it back in tho and now they're my backup pair. For as delicate as they look with those wire thin temples they are surprisingly durable.


u/R1CHQK Sep 23 '22

Honestly, I like them a lot because well, they're aviators, and also it's funny how little my face changes when I have them on or off. Like, you can see how my face looks with them on, and then when I take them off I look exactly how you thought I did. It's convenient because I don't have to deal with the look of shock on people's faces when they realize I'm an ugly dude with aviators on and they don't have to keep guessing🤣


u/Domestic_AA_Battery Sep 23 '22

I'm ok with them because it gets us closer to ridiculous cyberpunk fashion ideas lol


u/BigDerp97 Sep 23 '22

Look up Yeezy shades


u/Domestic_AA_Battery Sep 24 '22

Not a fan of his music (just not my genre) but I actually do appreciate some of his fashion stuff despite the ridiculous prices.


u/LaMeraPistola Sep 23 '22

Yes! Soon I'll be able to wear my cyclops visor.


u/AxioTheGr8 Sep 23 '22

Yes I also love when Cyclops says it's cycling time and cycs everyone


u/Electivire-six Sep 23 '22

I just want an adult pair of the ‘dinosaur eye’ sunglasses I had as a child.


u/ezone2kil Sep 23 '22

What's stopping you from doing it right now?


u/LaMeraPistola Sep 23 '22 Silver

I'm hoping to have sex some day


u/Elkesito36482 Sep 23 '22

You should close Reddit then


u/TonightsWinner Sep 23 '22

Well, supposedly everyone on the internet that I slightly offend or get into an argument with is having sex with my mom. Want to fight about something?


u/ezone2kil Sep 23 '22

I think that's just part of Scott Summer's mutant power man. Permanent friendzone and nofap all in one.


u/VSSCyanide Sep 23 '22 Wholesome

I’ll have sex with you but the cyclops visor stays on


u/Ser_Salty Sep 23 '22

-Jean Grey


u/Right-Ad2176 Sep 23 '22

I'll have sex with both of you after the burn heals.


u/Shill4Pineapple Sep 23 '22

Dude just grab a $20-30 pair. Does the same job and they can look pretty good


u/deltaretrovirus Sep 23 '22

Its fashion these days to wear sporty sunglasses. I have seen a person with ski goggles in the city.


u/____jump---- Sep 23 '22

Like the ones for wannabe aviators...


u/zack_hunter Sep 23 '22

She barely handled the recoil lol, that ain't no athlete


u/No-Fold-7873 Sep 23 '22

Ever fired a Derringer? Little fuckers have about an inch and half of grip and can be chambered in rounds that damn near peak out the end of barrel.

Most people look like the damn things gonna jump out of their hands firing anything bigger then a .22.

By the time you're firing a .44 mag through one literally everyone looks like this or worse.


u/Lespuccino Sep 23 '22

What do you expect? She's only 7 lbs and 4 of those are her boobs!


u/SnooBunnies8468 Sep 23 '22

Uh, watch the video again. She handles the recoil just fine and probably just as good as you would.


u/the_fuckshit Sep 23 '22

Who bets she even closed one eye. Is this her first time handling a gun?


u/WiseConfidence8818 Sep 23 '22

Exactly. My comment to someone asking, 'what could go wrong?'. True gun control is knowing how to properly handle a weapon. Don't put your finger in the trigger well until you have full unadulterated intent to use it(the best safety is not having your finger in the trigger well.) Sight alignment, sight picture(pistols a tad different but not much), controlled breathing, and a slow deliberate squeezing of the trigger until the hammer falls without the showers knowledge. A true gun/weapons individual knows there weapon well enough to recognize where and what they're touching on their weapon. We were taught hocto disassemble and reassemble an M-16A2, M60 Machine guns, along with many others blindfolded to ensure that you knew how to do it without looking while keeping an eye outvfir danger in combat situations. Bottom Line: Training. 'She' knows her weapon by all appearances.


u/maffiossi Sep 23 '22

Maybe she is a chess athlete. But considering she stuck a fired gun between the tits, she prolly not.


u/PeleAsAComedian Sep 23 '22

Anal beads noises intensify


u/Ravecrocker Sep 23 '22

That's a mathlete


u/Any-Mouse-1992 Sep 23 '22

“She is NOT in the chess club, mosquito bite club maybe”


u/lapsongsouchong Sep 23 '22

Or a chest athlete.. Gotta push those puppies to the limit


u/_mercybeat_ Sep 23 '22

Or a Mathelete? But then she should have been able to calculate what would happen.


u/ezone2kil Sep 23 '22

She is an equestrian athlete. In the attention whorsing discipline to be exact.