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WCGW touching the barrel of a gun at a shooting range

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u/Data_shade Sep 22 '22

Who the fuck gave this bitch a firearm? She broke every fucking rule of safety


u/ExasperatedEE Sep 23 '22

The same people who call us libtards for wanting common sense gun regulation and training in order to own a firearm. The ones who call this a "responsible gun owner" or a "good guy with a gun" right up until they kill an innocent person with it.


u/Data_shade Sep 23 '22

Respectfully, I disagree. No sane law abiding gun owner could watch this video and decide that this is fine, this is okay.

Extremists, outliers and qultists on the other hand…


u/ExasperatedEE Sep 23 '22

No sane law abiding gun owner could watch this video and decide that this is fine, this is okay.

And yet, they see this and are still against any laws which might prevent people like this from getting their hands on a firearm.

They are the ones who handed this woman a firearm. They opened the gun store, and they sold her the gun, with no training.


u/Data_shade Sep 26 '22

So many assumptions on a 30 second video clip. You know these people personally and know every event that led up to this? No, you don’t. Quit talking out of your ass.

The only thing we agree on is the people in the video are brainless morons. That’s it.


u/ExasperatedEE Sep 29 '22

I know someone sold or gave this woman a gun.

I know she either has not received any training to use it, or if she did, she failed.

And I know that whomever sold or gave her the gun did not verify she knows how to handle guns safely, or they sold it to her without caring, because she has a gun.


u/MagikWdragons Sep 22 '22

A boyfriend just as dumb as she is…


u/NotJesis Sep 23 '22

You mean the one standing down range of a shooter?


u/ReyRey01F Sep 23 '22

👀😂😂😂😂, dumbass trying to act sexy and cool.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/FlatBot Sep 23 '22

Future Darwin award winners, it seems.


u/MagikWdragons Sep 23 '22

Oh that’s nothing… Have you heard the trigger tap challenge? Take a loaded pistol, hold the gun to your nuts, and tap the trigger without the gun going off?

There where incidents… One video shown a dude accidentally press the trigger a little “too hard”. It just… Ugh… Makes me have a bad sensation between my legs thinking about the disturbing scene…

Yes… It’s an actual challenge. NO DONT DO IT!


u/ExasperatedEE Sep 23 '22

Please do it.

If you're that stupid, taking yourself out of the genepool is the best thing you can do for mankind.


u/MagikWdragons Sep 23 '22


I only said “don’t do it” because I personally don’t want to be responsible for giving a genius ideas


u/FlatBot Sep 23 '22

That is amazing. Guys are actually doing this?


u/MagikWdragons Sep 24 '22

Google it


u/FlatBot Sep 24 '22

I'm afraid to!


u/MagikWdragons Sep 24 '22

You’ll find the disturbing fact that it’s the truth. Plenty of police reports and news articles on it…