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WCGW touching the barrel of a gun at a shooting range

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u/happydgaf Sep 22 '22

Fuckin idiot deserved that tit burn. This Instagram bullshit needs to go at the range. Very unsafe behavior. I’d kick em as RO.


u/Wetestblanket Sep 23 '22

Honestly, that’s probably not the best range clothing even without sticking the gun down in there. I’ve known two girls on separate occasions that got a hot casing down the front of their shirts because the cutoff was below the casing discharge, they both said it really sucked.

Same goes for any loose tank tops or poor fitting clothing in general, it’s not just a women’s clothing thing.


u/MisterB78 Sep 23 '22

Seriously, where’s the RSO? These assholes should have been kicked out immediately


u/Ronnie_de_Tawl Sep 23 '22

These kinds of videos should be banned under the same lines as spreading misinformation or promoting/encouraging unsafe or dangerous acts.


u/TheRiverStyx Sep 23 '22

Seems pretty wrong to point the gun barrel at her face, then back toward the starting line, all with the finger on the trigger.


u/butterballmd Sep 23 '22

yeah bitch and her followers need to be kicked out


u/adudeguyman Sep 23 '22

Is RO the range owner?


u/happydgaf Sep 23 '22

Range officer


u/jrr6415sun Sep 23 '22

I think the silicon melted


u/Spaceturtle79 Sep 23 '22

“Fucking idiot deserved that tit burn”



u/Mitrovarr Sep 23 '22

Yeah, forget the burn, you don't point a gun at your own chest ever.


u/chessgx Sep 23 '22

Honestly it was the RSO fault, you can't expect people to know everything when it's your job to explain or kick someone which is disrespecting the rules, no RO in range is more concerning than a girl making a Instagram post and having a tit burn.


u/purplepantsdance Sep 23 '22

Yeah camera man is down range of someone with a loaded firearm at the start of the video. Not sure what range would allow this.


u/eldergeekprime Sep 23 '22

Looks like no ear pro either.


u/izmaname Sep 23 '22

Multiple times it is pointed at her and multiple times it is at her head


u/TheAGolds Sep 23 '22

Also flagged the person recording the video, and anyone else behind them.


u/Used_Concentrate2079 Sep 23 '22

Yeah this was no professional range. So many gun safety violations going on here. This is cringe as hell.


u/300andWhat Sep 23 '22

Keeping a loaded gun pointed at your heart is a big no no, right?


u/Used_Concentrate2079 Sep 23 '22

Flagged the camera man, doesnt even know the mechanics of the gun & burned herself, terrible spot to have your gun / no holster, appears as though fingers get awfully close to the barrel, no hearing protection. Just wild wild west.


u/czarfalcon Sep 23 '22

Extremely. Anyone waving around a gun like that, pointing it at themselves and others, would get kicked out of any respectable range in a heartbeat.

Not to mention storing a loaded gun, with no holster, pointed directly at your chest…


u/gdmfsobtc Sep 22 '22

Yeah, no RSO in sight. That would not pass the holster test at my range.


u/hollysand1 Sep 23 '22

I don’t have holsters for 2 of my handguns. I keep them in their separate cases. Would that not be allowed? Do they have to be in a holster?


u/MisterDonkey Sep 23 '22

Most ranges near me prefer that you keep the gun you're firing in a case.


u/Wu-Tang_Cam Sep 23 '22

No. Cased guns can be brought into the range (unloaded), but no improperly holstered guns can be on the range, like storing it in your bra with no holster that protects the trigger.

Many public ranges also prohibit firing from a holster. Empty and remove your weapon until you're on the range and ready to fire. If it's in a case, they'll probably inspect it, but again, it has to be unloaded.


u/Inigo93 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Not at any range that I've ever been to.... But then, I live in a pretty rural area. For all the "RSO" talk, "my" range only has an RSO during competitions. The rest of the time... You pay your dues, they give you the combination to the lock on the gate, and hopefully you don't shoot yourself.


u/PoliticalAccount01 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

What does RSO mean?


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

Rick Simpson Oil.


u/Miss_Smokahontas Sep 23 '22

Registered Sex Offender


u/winkenstein Sep 23 '22

Range Safety Officer


u/ChimoEngr Sep 23 '22

Range Safety Officer. The person specifically responsible for a range being conducted safely.


u/happydgaf Sep 23 '22

Range safety officer. Not sure why you got downvoted asking for clarification.


u/ReyRey01F Sep 23 '22

Because people are fucking stupid. I stated facts and got downvoted because their ass pussy got emotional 🤨😂.


u/nahog99 Sep 23 '22

I’m assuming the posted some dumb shit then Edited it after the downvoted.


u/happydgaf Sep 23 '22

Ah makes sense


u/gdmfsobtc Sep 23 '22

Not exactly sure what you mean, but check my profile in re firearms.


u/anonadelaidian Sep 23 '22

It does not appear that you are a lostredditor....


u/PoliticalAccount01 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

I don’t understand…


u/jefekarma Sep 23 '22

Got enough time on your hands?


u/nahog99 Sep 23 '22

Is this dude posting controversial shit and the editing it to innocuous stuff? I’m confused lol.


u/haha_squirrel Sep 23 '22

Why doesn’t Reddit show you when comments are edited anymore?


u/nahog99 Sep 23 '22

It does at least on the “desktop” site. There’s a little asterisk next to the date stamp.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22


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u/What_a_young_guy Sep 22 '22

Yeah, not a single registered sex offender in sight.


u/misterwuggle69sofine Sep 23 '22

always remember that just because YOU can't see a registered sex offender doesn't mean THEY can't see you


u/WrangWei Sep 23 '22

Not one, but many.


u/ButWhatIfIAmARobot Sep 23 '22

Lol in this case "range safety officer"


u/Deceptichum Sep 23 '22

Nah, in this case it was a “range safety offender”


u/_Charlie_Sheen_ Sep 23 '22

Oh you better believe they all over the range