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Serious Official: Ned and Ariel’s comments on the situation


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Question Frequently Asked Questions about the Try Guys

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Q: Is Eugene leaving the Try Guys? A: No, he is just pursuing other projects! He made an insta story a couple of weeks ago (as of 29 october) explaining.

Q: Is Alex still working for the Try Guys? A: She doesn't appear to be working for the Try Guys, non of them have issued a statement about that though.

Q: Has there been a statement from Alex so far? A: As of 29 october 2022, no.


Q: Why was Ned fired for cheating? Isn't this personal business? A: he was fired for having an undeclared sexual relationship with a subordinate, leaving the company open to various lawsuits under California employment law. Edit to add: while it is assumed that the relationship was sexual, this is not something that has been confirmed by any of 2nd Try to the public. Ned called it “a consensual workplace relationship.” The guys simply said he was engaging in a relationship that was inappropriate for a boss/employee. We don’t know anything about the length, depth, or specifics of their relationship and likely never will.

Q: What’s happening with Ariel?
A: Nobody knows. The guys have said she’s not going to be present in any try guys content and they’d let us know if that changes. We don’t know whether she’s going to stay with Ned or not. She hasn’t made any statement beyond the initial one when the story broke.

Q: Will they add a fourth Try Guy?/Who should be the forth Try Guy? A: As of October 29, the only thing they have said is that they WON'T be adding a new Try Guy.

Q: Has anybody noticed the titles are in lowercase now? A: Yes, that’s been the case in at least every video since the controversy. It has been mentioned on the Trypod that lower case titles tend to get more clicks.

Q: Why are they posting a sponsored video now? A: The video's were filmed in advance and they already had the deal. It would be too expensive to film them again and they cannot get out of the deal.

Q: Are they editing Ned out of older videos? A: No. As of their most recent statements, they are editing Ned out of any videos released since September 1, 2022, but they do not plan to edit previously released videos. Some videos have been removed from the channel due to their specific nature (such as Women Wear Wedding Dresses For The First Time).

Q: What happened in the scandal? A: see summary/timeline post

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Fanart I just realized I never showed y’all my Doggification series I did earlier this year. I posted it to instagram, but really never used reddit. Thought y’all might get a kick out of these though

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Discussion Ned is off the Paperwork as of 12/6- This makes it real official

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Discussion 🌿💭


Zach should do a segment called "Zach Snack Attack" where he smokes (it's legal!) and tries different snacks. He can turn it into a rank king segment if he brings in Eugene!

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Question For the new video, Zachelor Party, was Ned in it originally and they cut him out, or is it a new video? Cz there wasn’t an extra plate or some hints that Ned was there like in without a recipe?



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Podcast The N*d shaaaddeee


Zach gave very amazing insight on the trypod episode 189 about their editing styles and how they view it. Very emlightening. And shaaaded, "and we used to work with someone who never edited"

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Fluff Gay horse.

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Podcast trypod betterhelp sponsorship


after all the negative comments from the fans (me included) about using betterhelp as a sponsor, i’m surprised they’re still using them as a sponsor. i also have my own thoughts about them not actually using betterhelp as they claim in the ads because anyone i’ve spoken to who has, has had a terrible experience. i know they’re just ads but they talk about the importance of using therapy and pushing a company like betterhelp week after week is just wrong. like pls just do doordash and hellofresh or something lol. ETA: thank you to all the lovely triceratops that reminded me that contracts exist! 😭😂

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Discussion Keith.


that’s it. just an appreciation post for him. with EWK, Eat the Menu. that man is doing the WORK. we love you Keith!!!

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Discussion Try Guys try Raving


I think this would be such a cool video idea and would be so fun to see them try out EDM and the culture. Make try guys themed Kandi for people to hand out and Eugene would absolutely be in his element. What festival would you wanna see them go to? Personally I think Zach would love Lost Lands ❤️

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Meme My Reddit year review haha. I was a liiiiiitle invested

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Fluff My Reddit year in review lmao

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Discussion Can we talk about Zach!? The post September glow up has been wonderful to see.


He let us see him at his most vulnerable AND most creative. As a fellow invisible disability person, I’m so grateful for all of the insight & education he’s provided, particularly during the pandemic. He is the epitome of empathy reminding to able bodied folks, in a way that is sensitive, thoughtful and easy to digest. I love that big ole weirdo!!

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Discussion The Try Guys Company is pretty awesome (at least from the outside)


Not necessarily wholly related to Try Guys, but does anyone have much more respect for the entire company (CEOs and staff) for handling difficult situations with such class, consideration, speed, and ethics intact?

I love makeup and comedy, and have had to unsubscribe from so many Beauty influencers and comedy channels this year for having found out enabling behaviors between friends, emotional immaturity, unchecked bias, contentious relationship with viewers, etc. etc. the list goes on.

Maybe it's just what I consume, but rarely do I see a media company or an influencer behave like a proper business that enacts fair business practices in the Youtube space.

Idk, just wanted to shout them out (loved the bachelor video, and new without a recipe videos)!

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Discussion Medium article - death of “the wife guy”


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Discussion YB’s video about making w.a.r., with a fun nickname for the 4th guy 😂

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Serious Today's Phillip DeFranco show


timestamp 19:28 on Phillip DeFranco's show today (December 8th Incase people are seeing this later) he does a deep dive into parasocial relationships and talks to a psychologist about it. I think some people need to watch it and understand what a parasocial relationship actually is and why it's not a bad thing. I've provided the timestamp if anyone wants to watch it

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Question Rachel’s cute sweater thing


In the McDonald’s eat with Keith, she had on the cutest little crocheted short sleeve sweater hoodie thing?? Anyone able to identify it

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Fluff Well I guess I like this sub lol. Thanks Yall


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Question Video suggestions


My partner has begun to share my love for these guys and their weirdness. Slowly over the last few months we’ve been watching the new releases together and now it’s time to introduce them to all of the older videos.

They really enjoy WAR and loved Zach’s Bach bash and last night we watched the dumpling video for the original Kleith moment.

WHAT NEXT?! For potential new comers, what videos got you hooked?

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Discussion YB’s (Try Guys editor) new video answers a WAR question fans had


I recommend watching YB Chang’s new video discussing her editing of the Without a Recipe taco episode (YB usually does a yearly WAR recap, they’re so insightful!).

A lot of fans were wondering whether or not this year the editing crew modified the results to place Ned last/ bottom ranks, and apparently, they didn’t !

In her video at the 16 minute mark she’s interviewing Will (try guys post production), who confirms that the results aren’t touched and the only thing edited is the judge’s voice over replacing any trace of Ned with the weekly animal! I would’ve thought otherwise but there we have it! He actually came 4th twice in a row and 3rd so far!

I wonder what would/ will happen if the animal wins one of WARs! Here is the link for those of you who are interested, again, I recommend her editing videos, they are always inspiring to look at!


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Fluff Without A recipe: Zach’s Jewish Confusion.

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Merchandise Ordered a Try Guy Tracksuit


And the sizing said Zach and Eugene wore a Medium and Keith was a Large. I’m 5’ 10 and about 160. Maybe because Keith is my favorite and he comes off tall, I figured Keith was way taller and maybe even heavier so I went for a Medium. Jacket is fine, but I can’t even get the pants over my butt, Zach and Eugene are way smaller than I thought they would be! And now I feel like Keith and I are probably closer in height and weight. Haha

In case anyone else is trying to get the tracksuit, or if they got a Large that’s too large - willing to swap. 🤪

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Discussion Let's guess the next WAR animals! (boba, illusion cakes)


Currently watching YB's video about editing WAR this year. Thought about this question when Devlin (another senior editor) shared that he worked on the illusion cake ep. Checked if the sub already knows about that and found that the WAR eps this year are already hinted on their WAR merch.

ANYWAY! The point of this post is for us to try guessing the animals on the boba and illusion cakes ep! I guess there won't be any on the churros episode since that will be done live, with Kwesi as the fourth participant. (Unless they add an animal overlay during livestream?)

So far, we have:

  • pop tarts - nelephant (paired with Keith)

  • burgers - gorilla (paired with Eugene)

  • tacos - turkey (paired with Keith again)