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General Saving the SafeMoon Project


Two things are essential to a tech company’s success: innovative products and goodwill (reputation, brand identity, etc.). In the case of SafeMoon, neither has done very well. There are no excuses for a CEO. The buck stops with him; he takes ultimate and full responsibility for all successes and failures.

Given the latest news that no new products will be delivered by year’s end, I only see one viable solution for bringing success to the SFM project: John should step down as CEO and take on a role as a special advisor. A well-experienced person with an impeccable track record in the crypto space should be appointed as the new CEO. This change should be timed just prior to the successive, planned release of several new products, all within the first year. Currently, even if any new products are released under John’s leadership, SafeMoon will continue to be plagued by its negative reputation. By replacing the CEO, all prior shortcomings of the project can be attributed to previous leadership and SFM can begin to rebuild its reputation in the crypto space.

I honestly believe that John is a good guy at heart and as such, he should be willing to take this hit for the SafeMoon project and its faithful followers.

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General If you are still here after all the FUD… I salute you 🫡


To the moon my degen brothers and sisters.

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General This sub is really proving that most sfm investors don’t know anything about business…


Haven’t been on this sub for ages but wow.

Why would they release anything in the current state of the market, they would literally go bankrupt within a matter of weeks.

Look around and look at what’s happening to other exchanges.

I’m all for holding them accountable and they have really only disappointed us but cmon. If they release an exchange now I would want to pull my investment out considering how bad of a move that would be.

Personally I was in for the long term (5 year investment min) but I am definitely not putting more money in.

People need to look at the bigger picture. Stop being so dumb.

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General Influx of comments


Starting to see comments on Twitter about being okay with the exchange not being released this year.

I just want to say, you shouldnt be okay with that. You cant physically do anything about it, yes, but to completely allow John to get off the hook for dates that he set himself is doing yourself a disservice. Do you not keep your word when you tell someone youre going to do something? You do. That same mindset is what John should have.

If the exchange doesnt come out before the end of this year, John has lost the last bit of credibility that he had left. John needs to start underpromising and overdelivering. He also needs to know what his team is capable of and working with them to set a good timeline for releases. If he doesnt know how to do, he needs to get a class on how to do it. In fact, a good rule of thumb to follow is to set the date far out in advance and drop it earlier than expected.

If youre going to keep accumulating, wait until after new years because we might add another zero. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

You have a little over 1 month left John to pull through on a date you set yourself.

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General Do you trust John?


Let's have some fun and see how the community sentiment is going so far. I'm bagholding about 50 mil tokens and down a fortune. I'm just dumb and numb to the point where I don't care anymore 🤷 Be Honest. This is the safemoon bagholding support group.

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General Finally Made The Million Club

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General No more defending this crap


Let the "fudders" do what they do. It's time to shut up and stop defending this BS. I've been a holder and will continue to be a holder until it literally goes to 0. For those of you who constantly defend SFM for what they do, stop it. You're making a fool out of yourself. It's been nearly 2 years And they have absolutely nothing to offer. All the criticism, every single bit of it, is warranted. They've done nothing but prove the doubters wrong.

What I will not do, however, is stick around here only to bash them. I knew it was a gamble and I will treat it as such. There's no reason for me to come here and become a part of those who spread hate on SFM. I have moved on long time ago and I will go now just sit back and enjoy the chaos.

I initially thought maybe, just maybe if they deliver on those products, I might make some good profits. I will keep holding just in case, but I wrote that money off a long time ago and I encourage you to have the same mentality. Peace.

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General Baby whale here, wanted to say this next month will be a pivotal moment of the trajectory of Safemoon in the coming months to years.


We’re all expecting the CEX, if Safemoon makes the deadline, this coin will likely jump 100+%.

I’ve been loading my bag the last week after holding off buys for months due to market sentiment not being there for SFM. Safemoon has acted more like a Top 50 crypto in the market compared to 2021 where it was strictly based on hype. There’s plenty of coins down 70% rn, the overall market is trending down. I as a holder for the long run believe the deflationary aspect may really come into play when we see the CEX. That will likely drive more holders & excitement around the coin.

That’s why this next month is crucial for the team to be strictly focusing on development. We’ve missed every deadline possible, i am expecting the same & so should you. You know the track record, go in with that expectation & then if they meet the deadline it’s only another positive Safemoon can build on.

I am a long term holder, i am not selling anytime soon. I look at the price of other CEX tokens & think safemoon can achieve that, when? Idk, but i do expect it to reach a $1 someday. That’s why i think it’s crucial to maximize your return before the CEX comes out.

There’s those people out there who still believe safemoon isn’t going to succeed, which is fine, ppl are entitled to their opinions. But investors, we’re going to get more volatile here these next few months. Know your goal, & stick to it. Don’t deviate from your plan.

There’s been plenty of hacks in the market, i’m not pushing for Safemoon to release it early, it needs to be secure or this coin could be dead any day. With our own CEX, you’ll really see the burn mechanism with volume, reflections due to it being on the SFM exchange & not other exchanges that don’t support tokenomics…swap & evolve won’t trigger every 3-5 days, but every couple of hours during high volume days. That’s generated with more swaps. You’re early guys, the ecosystem is forming before your eyes. It’s the holding part that is the hardest.

Cheers fellow holders 🍻

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General I’m rather newer to crypto. Been invested for roughly 4 years now. Has anyone ever been in a crypto community like SFM?


Where it took years to deliver & the community was like Safemoons? It’s rather negative & maybe a dose of reality from investors who have been through this in other communities, would give people a better understanding of the timeline & how long it may take.

This is much needed for a lot of people, on top of being in a recession, it’s been a bad year across the board for crypto.

Include names of cryptos! & i think it’s more beneficial for people if we don’t include one time spikes, i’m looking for projects where they had sustainable growth over the years.

I personally believe defi will become major wealth creator in the future. Whether that’s safemoon or another crypto, having a supply always decreasing is great in econ 101.

It’ll be interesting how this comes into play when we see the ecosystem become connected

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General With the FTX meltdown - What a time to advertise Orbital Shield, and the exchange.


Silence. Dead silence. Way to seize the opportunity.

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General Alright all the people from previous pump that were saying i hope theres another dip so i can buy more or they wished they bought more nows your chance!


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General Why is Twitter so positive and Reddit so negative about SFM?


I feel like 90% of the people in here are butt hurt because they're portfolio is down (as is everyone else's), but why is twitter so much more positive?

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General How many left are there?

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General Safemoon Orbital shield


Can someone explain this orbital shield, or do we not know what it is. I Feel like I'm missing something because everyone's hyping it up. It's trending almost everyday and people are saying it's a game changer and going to change crypto.

What the hell is it???


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General Safemoon 'Products' Tracker - Nov 2022 Edition


Safemoon 'Products' tracker - Nov 2022 Edition

Products in pipeline (🤷‍♂️ means no follow up info released from team) - Glotok 🤷‍♂️ - Blockchain 🤷‍♂️ - Cross-Chain Bridge (Matic, Avax Partially supported in Wallet app) 🤷‍♂️ - pSFM V2 🤷‍♂️ - Top Exchange Listings (Binance etc.) 🤷‍♂️ - Hard Wallet 🤷‍♂️

Products in development - Exchange (last dev update July/August 2022???) 🤷‍♂️ - Safemoon Card (last business update July/August 2022???) 🤷‍♂️ - Safemoon Connect (Few screenshots released online last month Oct 2022 not by official communication) 🤷‍♂️

Product(s) in testing, to be released - Orbital Shield ⏳

Completed/Released Products - DEX (Safemoon Swap), 2022 ✅ - SFM V2, 2021 ✅ - Swap and Evolve (if you consider this as a product), 2022 ✅ - Safemoon wallpapers (If you consider this as a product), 2022 ✅ - Safemoon Merch (Apparels, energy drinks etc. If you consider this as a product), 2021-2022 ✅ - Wallet app (iOS and Android), 2021 ✅

Cancelled Product(s) - Gambia ❌ - Wind Turbines ❌ - MoonCraft ❌

Time since Safemoon first introduced (as at Nov 15th 2022): 20 Months

Let me know if I missed anything in comments, will add later.

Will post this monthly so we can 'track' the progress, not sure if it helps but....

Discussion for Safemoon Exchange: With this many CEX collapsing due to mismanagement of customer funds, Safemoon Exchange (whenever to be released if there's one) needs do better, needs to boost market and customer confidence, really have to make sure the funds are SAFU.

Before I close this off, I just want to hope everyone is doing okay or better in this Crypto Winter, now with FTX drama still playing out, we won't see the whole market going back to crazy bull any time soon (at least 2+ years IMO) and further downside expected (10K BTC, sub 1K ETH is possible). HODL or just forget crypto for a while, do something you like (like a hobby) in real life. Peace ✌️✌🏻✌🏿.

Edit 1: * Spelling * Moved exchange, card and connect to a new list “In development”. Need help on the last dev update date on those so I can update them here to track later.

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General Boosters on guys.. lessgoo

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General 4!

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General What banks are allowing you to buy into crypto?


So my credit union was pretty good about allowing me to buy in on different exchanges and even moonpay. It's changed and I was down to just Coinbase, but now they are even blocking that.

So my question is if you are able to buy in on moonpay, binance, or Coinbase what bank do you use? I'm looking to make a change.

Edit. I'm in the US

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General I'm in an amateur race series in Assetto Corsa and decided to slap some safemoon stuff to my car. I've got 0 editing skills so I'm just using wallpapers....


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General We’re at the 🎈

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General How much would 10 Mil V2 be worth on old contract at ATH? Was anyone close to it? Miss those days 🔥🔥🔥🔥


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General Day 350and waiting. Getting closer to our own exchange slowly but surely. Patience will pay the man. Good luck for Cyber Monday!

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General Sure is quiet in here


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General dead community, a little high, the flame comes back, cool to see