r/LivestreamFail Oct 06 '22

Jinnytty Officially Joins TSM TSM



u/mailwasnotforwarded Oct 06 '22

Didn't everyone leave TSM because of their whole scandal and disrespect of their members? I feel like Jinny could've definitely just joined another org. I didn't even know she was looking to join an org and I feel like other orgs were in the same mindset.


u/ItMeJJJ Oct 07 '22

Is it really an org without some scandal? Literally everyone has something.


u/coolbad96 Oct 06 '22

I know it happens a lot but I never understand what irl streamers bring to esports orgs


u/v0idst4r2 Oct 06 '22

Esports orgs want streamers viewers so they can claim their viewership numbers. Picture pitching your influence to a sponsor “yeah we get a combined 300,000 daily viewers under the tsm umbrella, we’re kinda a big deal”


u/UrbanBobby Oct 06 '22

i feel like orgs are just trading green cards for 15% at this point


u/Skuggomann Oct 06 '22

Afaik orgs get paid by hours streamed or viewers or some shit by twitch and/or sponsors or something like that. That's why you see sponsors sponsoring as many big streamers as they can to pump those numbers up.


u/Eden_G Oct 06 '22

TSM can’t win any esports tournament so start signing some randoms lol


u/iwasomla Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

No idea who’s in charge of talent acquisition at TSM but none of their recent content creator signings make any sense to me.


u/Bartalone Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 10 '22

Adding FanFan a year ago was a good move - her and Joey's streams are fun. Her colabs with Hachubby and some others are good too.


u/Chiefdrinkbeers Oct 06 '22

QT pretty much confirmed today that she's no longer on TSM


u/spaghettiavocado3 Oct 06 '22

Out of the loop, but what happened with Jinny? She used to be on the LSF front page every day, but now whenever I see her clips posted here they're always heavily downvoted.


u/imaginaerer Oct 06 '22

she was one of the streamers that were banned by request on LSF (and for quite a while), so a lot of the people who clipped her probably moved on and didn't come back once the self bans were all lifted


u/SomeDudeYeah27 Oct 06 '22

I kinda just started frequenting LSF again due to recent events and didn’t realize the bans were lifted. May I ask why they’re all lifted now?


u/imaginaerer Oct 06 '22

they lifted the bans shortly after erobb selfbanned (should explain it)


u/SomeDudeYeah27 Oct 06 '22

Erobb’s name just brings more questions than answers 😅

Genuinely can’t tell if this is a joke or not


u/imaginaerer Oct 06 '22

it's not a joke, more and more streamers wanted to self ban traffic was on a down. erob was the last streamer that selfbanned (unclear why exactly, some say that there were bad comments about his gf and daughter that triggered him, but idk if that's the reason since his gf didn't request to be banned herself).

after that they tried to do a "softban" system, where they just disabled comments on clips with (self)banned streamers. This didn't work out, the streamers were mad that their clips are on LSF again, the users were mad that they couldn't comment.

After a few weeks they threw out the softban system and unbanned every streamer (with a few exceptions like ice), and no streamer could request to get banned anymore. They also made more stricter rules about what's allowed and added new mods.

Maya (who was one of the selbanned streamers) let her IT-guy/Mod write a bot that auto deletes clips from her channel when posted to LSF* before the mirror bot could copy them. This worked for a while, and she gave other streamers access to her bot.

then Mizkif got triggered by LSF and started using the delete bot, wich lead to the introduction of the second mirror bot who instantly links to a mirror (not really a mirror, it links to the clip on the twitch servers wich are still available for around 1 day after the clip get's deleted)

*only new clips without many views, don't try to upload old top clips, the bot ignores them but they get deleted by LSF mods bc old clips


u/Parenegade Oct 06 '22

They lifted the bans because it was killing traffic to LSF.


u/billybob123123123 Oct 06 '22

LSF started to slowly turn on her with the scooter clips but then the spiderkid clip sealed the deal


u/mf_ghost Oct 06 '22



u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22



u/mf_ghost Oct 06 '22

Certified Bruh moment


u/imnotabus Oct 07 '22

From the youtube, assuming it's him: "i was literally just trying to represent a character that i have loved for so long. a character that has inspired me to keep fighting all those times i was sick in hospital, dying. and i have to always deal with people like this every day. i'm so tired of it and so close to quitting cosplay because of all this bs. i'm a human too just like you and that shit hurts especially after hearing it so much, and getting made fun of so much."


u/Toastylump Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

the spiderkid you can see in the clip that she read it from chat and right after she apologized but like you said LSF already had a hate boner for her and the comments in that post were vile (basically saying that she's the devil and said the comment on purpose to make fun of the kid when it was a dumb mistake and she inmediatly appologize when she realized) that's when she self banned


u/bombbug Oct 06 '22

LSF is only interested in the romance arcs, but she was aiming for the paladin that would never succumb to a woman's wiles, so that ship didnt really sail properly. Now she just breaks traffic laws while streaming.


u/RoboticGamer123 Oct 06 '22

Because LSF Don’t like her and she has t been providing good content anyways


u/FeedMeToTheSquirrels Oct 06 '22

She's had multiple incidents where she came across as transphobic, made fun of disabled people, there was the stuff with COVID too


u/LeDude2323 Oct 06 '22

Yeah, she's one of those female content creators, like Pokimane, who gets a weird amount of hate despite only having a couple of relatively mild controversies


u/lawboy01 Oct 06 '22

the "cute korean girl" meta on lsf it's over


u/EqualUniversity9660 Oct 07 '22

She's getting Old, hard to consider her as E-girl nowadays JK. There's really nothing new to offer from her anymore, people got used on her antics and there's nothing special to provide from her stream, she's still a grinder when it comes to IRL tho. She also have a boyfriend now so the simps look for another girl. Esfand also stops hanging out with her.


u/Faramzo Oct 06 '22

Isn't that an esports team? That's like saying lady gaga is joining the Dallas cowboys.


u/Expensive-Hearing-86 Oct 06 '22

I like some of the Gaga songs wtf does she know about football?


u/PlatinumSif Oct 06 '22

Bro poke is on tsm lol


u/Halgrind Oct 06 '22

More like a sci-fi channel that starts airing wrestling because it brings in more money.

From what I understand, the purpose of these orgs is to negotiate better deals than a streamer can on their own, and she brings in a lot of viewers.


u/jimmydunn Oct 06 '22

so is 100theaves yet they sign huge streamers plus you know myth was with tsm until just recently


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Nemste Oct 06 '22

No way lol


u/Lordsokka Oct 06 '22

Yeah sleeping streams are great content. /s


u/willietrom Oct 06 '22

mods asleep for 57 minutes LUL


u/imaginaerer Oct 06 '22

on what are they sleeping?


u/willietrom Oct 06 '22

I'm not sure if you're referring to a meme or what, but I mean that they set it so that they have to manually approve twitter posts now before they'll show up in the subreddit but then they took 57 minutes to approve this post

(twitter posts were originally allowed on the premise that they're a legitimate way of posting news about livestreaming, but now the mods are sitting on these news posts for so long that random small streamers could frontrun them by streaming the tweet and having the clip posted and automatically approved, which is such a silly system imo)


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22



u/willietrom Oct 06 '22

reddit posts show how long ago they were submitted under their titles, but sorting by new shows them in the order that they were accepted to the subreddit and not the order they were submitted in, so when a post shows up at the top with "submitted 57 minutes ago" that means it took a mod 57 minutes to accept it


u/make3333 Oct 06 '22

9 upvotes 51 comments xD ratio'd on reddit


u/hakunamaattaattaa Oct 06 '22

Ahh the manipulator of all coomer and the master of all scooter


u/iDannyEL Oct 06 '22

This is a L for Jinny.


u/SeazonCSGO Oct 06 '22

the scooter incident


u/SlowMissiles Oct 06 '22

if only if was the only incident there's like 15 of them


u/SpeedyMvP Oct 06 '22

Covid, spider-kid, and the last of us incidents


u/WhatEvery1sThinking Oct 06 '22


oof, that one hurt to watch


u/I_AmPotatoGirl Oct 06 '22

Are people really that confused that an IRL streamer joined an org? There's been so many already to sign with esports orgs and they've obviously evolved into more than just esports over time


u/xalaux Oct 06 '22

Huh!? What!? Why!? Wtf!? Jinny!?

I don't see how she fits any org tbh, she's a free spirit.


u/sub2pewdiepieONyt Oct 06 '22

So she doesn't join OTK after Esfand moved on with Bonnie. At least she is away from crazySlick and the rest of the problems in Austin. It be good for her.