r/CombatFootage Oct 06 '22

More drone attacks from DPR ´sparta´ battalion on Ukrainian positions outside Donetsk Video

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u/DigitlTrblmkr Oct 06 '22

Dear DPR soldiers - where will you go when your back is to the wall and Russia closes their border to you?


u/BeatSlowDrumsofWar Oct 07 '22

The afterlife.

To fanatical combatants, the afterlife they've been promised is significantly more comfortable and enjoyable then the life they currently exist in. To fight ""knowing"" your ""outcome"" is ""better"" if you live or die, ""knowing"" that those behind you that you are fighting for will have life improvements based on YOUR actions.

Truly brainwashed combatants are a very sticky situation, especially when the mindset begins at a very young age.


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 07 '22

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u/TakeThreeFourFive Oct 07 '22

Creating a humanitarian crisis and then shipping refugees away isn’t something to be proud of


u/Oriontic Oct 07 '22

Taking people from their country isn't accepting refugees lmao. It's forced relocation.


u/elchapoxo Oct 06 '22

how kind of them 🤡🤡


u/Lined_the_Street Oct 07 '22

Soo by that logic Germany took in the most Jewish refugees circa 1944?


u/Ca2Alaska Oct 06 '22

Taken is the correct term as other countries have “received.”


u/dotepensho Oct 07 '22


In February 2015, Ukrainian SSU started an investigation into allegations of war crimes committed in January 2015 by the Battalion and its leader Arsen Pavlov, with charges including murder, bullying, torture and forcing people into slave labor.[23][24][25]

In April 2015 Russian deputy director of the Europe and Central Asia Amnesty International, Denis Krivosheev, blamed Pavlov for killing and torturing Ukrainian POWs[26][27] captured at Donetsk airport.[11] According to Krivosheev, Pavlov said in an interview to the Kyiv Post that he killed Ukrainian Branovitsky Igor [ru] who was prisoner of war at the time of his detention and who suffered several facial wounds and wasn't able to walk.[27][28][29] In an controversial tape which was published on YouTube in April 2015 which features voices of both of the Kyiv Post's journalist and a voice allegedly belonging to Pavlov, with the latter claiming to have killed 15 prisoners when the journalist asked him about Branovitsky, saying “I’ve shot 15 prisoners. I don’t give a shit. No comment. I kill whoever I want.”[30][25][11] Amnesty called for thorough investigation of the crime.[27] A surviving Ukrainian POW interviewed by the BBC said he had seen Pavlov shooting Branovitsky.[31] In June it was reported by a Ukraine official that Interpol refused to put Pavlov on their wanted list on the grounds of the "political nature of the Motorola case".[32][33]

In 2016, a Vice News journalist described being told by Sparta members about Ukrainian corpses still at Donetsk airport, which Sparta members had forced Ukrainian POWs to bury in 2014.[18]


u/dotepensho Oct 07 '22

From Wikipedia:
The battalion took part in the Battle of Ilovaisk and Second Battle of Donetsk Airport and several others.[3][4] According to Foreign Policy, the Sparta Battalion has "a reputation for ruthlessness".[5] It has committed war crimes in the Donbas. The battalion flies the black-yellow-white flag of the Russian Empire and, according to the European Eye on Radicalization, the unit "uses a combination of symbols of the Spartan military culture, well-known drivers of the far-right, and from the Tsarist era".[6] German anti-extremist news website Belltower described the militia as Russian ultranationalist and irredentist.[7]


u/BrokenHero408 Oct 07 '22 Silver

This sub really changed since the Russian Ukraine latest conflict. This sub is for posting combat footage of either side, and the perspective that gives civilians. Now any type of Russian footage gets downvoted and even removed in some cases. Posting footage of Russian activity isn't being a Putin slob like a lot of the newtards that have made their way onto the sub since the initial invasion.


u/Ximrats Oct 07 '22

In fairness, some of it is just blatant staged propaganda. Actual combat footage doesn't tend to get removed, afaik


u/verbmegoinghere Oct 07 '22

In fairness, some of it is just blatant staged propaganda


I browse new only material and the Russian stuff is generally several months old.

Like this video depicting events when there was snow on the ground back in February/march.

Most of the Russian material is also filled with lots of silly cuts, is usually of poor quality and filled to the brim with watermarks.


u/Joker_toker420 Oct 08 '22

There is literal data suggesting that up to 90% of all Ukraine coverage on the internet is done/distributed by bots and the CIA. Literal both sides publish nothing but propaganda and to act otherwise is just ignorant.


u/Arrkangel Oct 08 '22

Show us this lichurall data


u/Joker_toker420 Oct 08 '22


u/Arrkangel Oct 08 '22

Well you misinterpreted the title a bit. That's 90% of bots are pro-Ukraine, not 90% of pro-Ukraine users are bots.

The paper isn't actually about how many bots there are, but how influential they can be. Here's some takeaways:

A large number of Russian bots got suspended on March 3rd. This would drastically affect the point you're trying to make, but not affect theirs at all. They are simply studying the effectiveness of bots, not their scale. (pg 4)

A larger portion of pro-Ukrainian bots are Self Declared (transparent about being bots). (pg 5)

They also say that there is a possibility that "non-bot" accounts are still malicious and automated. (pg 8)

There is no mention of the CIA anywhere in the paper (duh) but I'm sure that won't convince you. If you want food for your conspiracy, let it be that Twitter just isn't banning pro-Ukraine bots as quickly. I would guess they are reported less often.


u/otiosus7 Oct 08 '22

Great summary! Now do "Robert Shimer (2012): Reassessing the ins and outs of unemploumeny."


u/Prince_Kassad Oct 07 '22 edited Oct 07 '22

Remember when people being forced to act objective, not joking about death, and not cheering death during Syrian civil war era??

guess staying neutral is really hard afterall specialy when the war finally happen next to your door.


u/__lui_ Oct 07 '22

asking anonymous people to be honorable on the internet ? Never gonna happen lol


u/Tommannerr Oct 07 '22

I agree. We dont get to see russian military content anymore because newtards downvote it instantly. This is war. This is the place where we come to see the footage, from both sides.


u/Acto12 Oct 07 '22

Combat footage gained several hundred thousands of new members almost immediately after the beginning of the invasion. Not surprising a lot of them became active users and replaced the older members.


u/killerweeee Oct 07 '22

People act like if they down vote or try to rationalize Russian footage as being fake, they can manifest an outcome that is positive for the Ukrainian side. It's pathetic.


u/verbmegoinghere Oct 07 '22

And what about the shitty propaganda and mainly old reposts?

Are you suggesting that 100% of bona fide quality Russian combat videos are down voted? Wanna post some links to back up such a silly claim?

Most of the quality Russian videos have huge post counts as people debate the veracity and nature of the content.

Like that video that shows the Russian tank firinf at point black range at a large group of Ukrainian solders who had retaken some Russian held point (but obviously failed to do any proper perimeter control).

There are heaps of such videos and their not "down voted to oblivion"


u/JimmminyCricket Oct 07 '22

Now you’re getting downvoted for spitting facts.

I hate the dumb “hurr durr newtards aren’t as objective as me!1!11 they want to live in lala land!1!!1”

No. Some of us just don’t like fucking watching blatant Russian propaganda. Like you pointed out, oftentimes months fucking old trying to be presented as new.

Plus a lot of times their footage doesn’t show jack shit. Ukrainian videos are really good at showing aftermath. The Russian ones, not so much. So yes, people are going to vote on quality and truthfulness.

I don’t downvote these posts. I simply don’t vote.


u/chalupe_batman Oct 07 '22

There’s tons of Ukrainian propaganda too but it gets literally thousands of upvotes. The people that were here before all of this miss the objective conversations about war and the analysis between different redditors, now it’s a glorified propaganda sub. I saw it happen first with the Armenia/Azerbaijani conflict, it’s gotten so much worse now. Propaganda during wartime is a given but it isn’t treated the same due to all the new people/bots. It really sucks because this used to be an awesome sub but now it’s just people insulting one side or praising the other. Anytime you point something out that can be construed as critical of UA you get downvoted into oblivion even if you are being objective. Meanwhile people mock Russian soldiers being killed as if they have any choice in being there. A lot of it comes from chronically online folks who are so brainwashed by one side or the other they don’t stop and think about the human aspect of things, it’s very demoralizing too see people behave like that. The Russian kid getting blown up and slowly dying from blood loss is still a human being, we shouldn’t be so disgusting with the comments.


u/MisticniCofi Oct 07 '22

Look at my profile. Almost all Russian videos have 0 upvotes


u/wtfbruvva Oct 08 '22

Sort "controversial" and all top posts are Russian. Sort on top this week and you see videos of russians dying getting gilded. Repeat after me: this is not a propaganda sub.


u/Baitas_ Oct 07 '22

It becomes a propaganda as soon as there's a logo on a video. It's called psy-ops. And it becomes a target of downvotes. As more people here are pro-ukrainian -russian videos clearly gets downvoted to oblivion. So... yeah hard to be neutral when there's a war going on.I think rules should be updated for both sides to adjust their videos before uploading, to remove watermarks, music, etc. that would force them for more objectivity and from them you can try to force objectivity to people. Or I you're just ruski supporter who is salty that they're loosing, beats me


u/degotoga Oct 07 '22

nobody cares about the watermarks. you could post a Russian video with a pro-UA title and 99% of the sub wouldn't recognize the logos or notice. people just hate to see their team lose, and lack the critical thinking to realize that seeing footage from both sides is valuable


u/Baitas_ Oct 07 '22

And i told you why, because people are subjective. And russian war videos usualy are multi angle shots pure propaganda with 0 military value there. I'm still convinced that you're salty for russians loosing both in field and on media. You talk about objectivity, but you don't care about it as only removing music, watermarcs and making it documentary would make it that people would react to it lesss judgy. But hey, thats only me


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '22

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u/BrokenHero408 Oct 07 '22

It's certainly in vogue, but I'm not here for the politics. I don't care if someone thinks Russians need to be exterminated or if all the Ukrainian forces are nazis.

I'm here to see shit go boom and bang.


u/processedwhaleoil Oct 07 '22

That's a step too sad and sadistic though.

The videos on combat footage are very interesting, to say the least, and I watch them to learn and remind myself (from my computer ofc) how horrible and fucked up war is.

Jingoistic weebs that just are just "here to see shit go boom and bang" are a couple degrees of cringe, my guy.


u/ajguy16 Oct 07 '22

It's not political or "in vogue" to dislike murderous invaders. In fact, it's one of the first evolutionary survival programs we were installed with.

Disdain for Russia and supporting Ukraine in this war is NOT akin to the political us vs them theater that the USA has been going through.

It's less politics and more similar to you seeing a news video of somebody breaking into someone else's home and murdering their family and then being like "I'm not political or taking sides here on who's right or wrong, i'm just here to watch people get murdered".


u/OnkelMickwald Oct 08 '22

Fuck it I dislike Russia as much as any other person here but I don't need to jerk off my self perceived righteousness by imposing some kind of slanted filter on this sub. Russian propaganda vids getting upvoted? Then let it. Doctored and heavily edited footage using old footage? Well let's upvote it and disassemble it in the comments.

Fucking ISIS' weekly propaganda videos used to be uploaded here with comments warning about which parts to avoid due to gruesome execution, but people still expected people wanting to see the combat footage bits.

And just to be clear, the ISIS videos were the absolutely most horrifying propaganda I've ever seen, but they often also contained the craziest combat footage. In the comments, people would take the footage apart because a lot of it was spliced together to make everything seem like ISIS was winning some great holy offensive, which they weren't.

Still, if you wanted GoPro 1st person footage of batshit dudes charging enemy positions upright and shooting enemy barely meters away, ISIS cs was what you needed.


u/LuciusAlexander Oct 07 '22

So go hate Russia in the Ukraine sub… this is for all footage no matter your feelings


u/2500Valby Oct 07 '22

Aww did our hate hurt your feelings


u/LuciusAlexander Oct 07 '22

No, I despise Russia. I hope Ukraine drives out the invaders and takes back what is theirs.

I just do not care for edgelords like yourself, who clog up every sub with this shit. I am here for the footage, all footage, not the lethal amounts of cringe that you guys bring


u/Qiyama Oct 07 '22

Yeah, people probably think that downvoting and changing their profile picture on social media to a Ukrainan flag helps Ukraine(spoiler: it does not). Anyway, I just post what I find interesting and after that I dont give a fuck


u/processedwhaleoil Oct 07 '22

"I dOn'T gIvE a FuCk" hah.


u/foolandhismoney Oct 07 '22

I’m rooting for my team


u/uv-vis Oct 07 '22

There was plenty of footage from that side before, there was a lot even back in June and July. I just assumed there’s just not much coming out now.


u/Pretend_Bowler1344 Oct 10 '22

Seriously, the world news crowd is cringe af


u/Donny_Krugerson Oct 07 '22

Sparta is one of the less well-known neo-nazi units fighting for the russians.


u/Conscious_Iron_9875 Oct 06 '22

The west is coming for you DNR and you will be swept into the dustbin of forgotten history.


u/kaasmandje99 Oct 07 '22

The west? I ain't doing shit this is a war between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine will fight against the DNR and Russia not the west.


u/[deleted] Oct 07 '22



u/kaasmandje99 Oct 08 '22

Then still Ukraine is fighting the war. Not you nor me.


u/EnderTacoSalad Oct 07 '22

Is it just me or did that last guy squeeze off a few rounds on accident cause of being hit?


u/Potato__Prince Oct 07 '22 edited Oct 07 '22

Haven’t seen drone videos from the other side up until now, was only a matter of time before they picked up a tactic that works. Anyone know if it’s new or they’ve been at it for a while? I’m not on telegram, so I probably miss a lot of what the Russians post.


u/Leser_91 Oct 07 '22

I'd say there are a lot of drones dropping grenades/other type of munitions videos from Russian side on telegram, but it's more rare to see them on reddit.

As far as I'm aware they definetly did start only after some time passed of Ukrainians using this tactic. But so far it's been happening for a while.


u/nolmftgy9181 Oct 07 '22

Anyone have any good telegram channels to follow?


u/Durbanpoisonyo Oct 07 '22 edited Oct 07 '22

Do you know any Russian or Ukrainian? If you don’t your options are limited and will be heavily propagandized - not that these things aren’t already - but the channels that are presented to english speaking audiences tend to be fairly ridiculous levels of misinformation/unreliable (looking at you, intel slava Z…)

Though I suppose still useful to follow if you want some of the footage from the Russian side - and somewhat of an insight into the ultra-nationalistic mindset of the fuckers that run those channels and actually volunteer to go into this war (vs being pressed into service under threat of a decade in a DisBat otherwise)


u/nolmftgy9181 Oct 07 '22

Why am i getting downvoted; but i just want to see more footage, and yeah i guess i do follow all Ukrainian English ones right now


u/Correct_Flatworm8529 Oct 07 '22

Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦


u/AfrikaCorps Oct 07 '22

Boils my piss "sparta" still exists.

Enjoy it, for now.


u/dahamburglar Oct 07 '22

Song is a banger


u/Leather_String_445 Oct 07 '22

Override by KSLV Noh, at least I think so, a lot of KSLV Noh’s songs sound very similar


u/RomulusX51GFLASH Oct 07 '22

The Ukrainians and Russians really love their Phonk music


u/Altruistic_Rain_1310 Oct 07 '22

Cant wait for Kraken to get their hands on the Sparta battalion :P


u/readMyFlow Oct 07 '22

flying drone sniper is gonna be a thing isn't it. It should be. Imagine how scary that would be.


u/Silver_Variation2790 Oct 07 '22

Huh do there starting to use Ukrainian tactics